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The first goal of Uranus for space missions: priorities for the next ten years

The first goal of Uranus for space missions: priorities for the next ten years

What are the priority space missions to be programmed over the next ten years? What are the research activities in the field of astronomy? What technologies should be developed? ItAcademy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine To provide us with some important information in cooperation with NASA: Not unique answers, of course, but it’s a resultAnalysis of studies, conferences and scientific papers Which, once laid out, (in fact) provides indications of the path to follow from here to 2032 in the field of space science. Once priorities are set, it will be easier for organizations to allocate resources.

Uranus target number one

Uranus (Opening image, NASA credits) It should be the first target for the mission UOP (Uranus probe and probe). Flights around the planet will provide us with invaluable data to work on, and the long flight will allow us to get information on other exoplanets as well. Another priority – second only to Uranus – is Enceladus Urbilander to search for life on Saturn’s moon (Enceladus, like Titan, has conditions that can be considered favorable).

We defend the land

Another aspect to focus on is the planetary defense against it Near Earth Object (NEO). Progress has been made, recently, but there is still a great need to develop technologies capable of sounding the alarm in advance and avoiding impact on the ground. In particular, we need applications in the areas of detection, tracking, characterization, modeling and forecasting.

November 03

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Another asteroid grazing Earth: Bay

March 27

Other missions that should be prioritized: Moon, Mars, etc.

NASA should also take care of other aspects and tasks. The Academy points out some that it considers essential for the next ten years:

  • Centaur Orbiter and Lander
  • The return of the hero of Ceres
  • Re-entering a sample from the surface of a comet
  • Multiple flights around Enceladus
  • lunar geophysical network
  • Saturn probe
  • orbital titan
  • Venus Explorer in Situ (VISE)
  • Archery Discovery Missions
  • Mars Exploration Program (MEP), Mars Life Explorer Types (MLE) to search for life on the Red Planet and Mars Sample Return (MSR)
  • Lunar Exploration Program (LDEP), Endurance-A type for lunar sample collection
  • Venus

Economic resources are needed: those currently on the board Not sufficient to achieve the desired results.