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The first cases in Italy, could be viral

The first cases in Italy, could be viral

WarningAcute hepatitis in children. The first cases in Italy are at least 4, but the interdepartmental information network throughout the boot, in the coming days, may postpone a worse picture.

Children, all under the age of ten, are at risk of serious consequences and two cases are infected Need a transplant. The characteristics of this particular form of acute hepatitis in children are identical to I Cases detected in Great BritainThe number of children has now risen to 74.

Cases, even in Italy, can be traced to a viral origin, for example from Covid-19. This could contribute to the presence of acute hepatitis and investigations are underway to understand the validity of this hypothesis. In any case, the vaccine clearly had nothing to do with it, in fact none of the children in the hospital had received the Covid-19 vaccine.

The arrival of acute hepatitis in children to Italy

From the first news of certain cases of acute hepatitis in children in United kingdomThere was no fear that this news would reach Italy either. In the end, at least it happened 4 children were taken to the hospital With the specific features of this form of hepatitis. The alarm went off internationally and thanks to this it was possible to detect cases in time, in this way even the two most serious Italian cases – those who need a transplant – have the best chance of recovery.

The form of hepatitis found in the UK is very aggressive and early investigations suspect this Viral nature. The first cases of acute hepatitis in children were recorded as of early January. L ‘UK Health Security Agency (UK Health Security Agency) It has talked about a real outbreak so far it has 74 positive points.

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Last week, there was a first alert about dozens of cases – explain Giuseppe EndolfiHepatologist at Mayer Hospital Florence, WHO Consultant in Viral Hepatitis and Head of the Liver Department of the European Society of Gastroenterology – The doctors’ attention was drawn to the fact that in one case a transplant was neededBut now there is no longer any doubt about its nature approx. In fact, cases have increased and occurred in other countries such as Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United States. In all cases it was necessary Six transplants.

Is a viral form of hepatitis affecting children? What do we know

By the “special characteristics” of this form of hepatitis we mean its registration in “Not A – No E” group, i.e. not included in the most common forms (specifically A, B, C, D and E). But the problem is that we have not yet been able to determine the origin. So we go by exclusion and among the reasons we do not rule out COVID-19. It can also be linked to infection glandularbut there are more assumptions.

Liver disease may be related to a virus, but experts are now looking at infections — current and past occurrences — to try to figure out the true number of cases. The coronavirus does not seem plausible, because it spreads too little to display more cases of hepatitis with these characteristics. But it is too early to give an adequate answer.