Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Fiat Panda gets big (but not too much)


Dedicated to the whole world It was expected to happen on July 11, but about a month ago, Fiat released the first official images of the car New generationAnd the panda that will be called Fiat Grand Panda. It will be the first model of a new family of Fiat cars (from To learn more), which will see a new vehicle launched every year from now until 2027. Built on Smart car platform (Like its “sister” Citroën C3), the new Grande Panda will be a Universal modelTherefore, it is intended for all markets in the world. Despite the name, the Big Panda is definitely a compact model, and comes in only one length 3.99 metres Compared to the average for this category of 4.06 metres.

Play with pixels – Maintain Fiat Grand Panda The appearance of déjà vu is quite desirable, because the new model (as well as other models of its family) is inspired by The original panda, from the 1980s, and is clearly reconsidering its lines in a modern key. The façade design features perpendicular lines surrounding a sophisticated square grid arrangement, creating punctuation marks pixel Which extends from the middle of the glossy black upper grille to the headlights. The lower bumper protector displays aCrossover positionWhile the lighthouses made of opaline cubes are inspired by the windows of Lingotto facades. The daytime running lights turn into direction indicators and illuminate some cubes that appear as horizontal pixels arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Tribute to 4×4 – Also in the side view Fiat Grand Panda Recalls the Panda Power of the 1980s. The wedge shape of the body and passenger compartment is highlighted by the roof rails. As a tribute to the legendary Panda 4×4, the Grande Panda is equipped with Raised letters 3D printing on the doors reflects the surrounding environment. The C-pillar is significant and faithfully reproduces the slope of the original model. The diamond-cut alloy wheels use an X-shaped design that recalls 1980s engineering design.

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Muscles behind – The back of Fiat Grand Panda It is powerful thanks to the powerful wheel arches, the slope of the windows and the general arrangement of the rear window, headlights and bumper guard. Here also we find a celebration of the first banda, with A Black band Glittery 3D letters form the word Panda.

Electric and more – There is no official preview of the new engines Fiat Grand Panda. As mentioned, the platform is the same as the new Citroën C3, so an electric version is certain, perhaps with 113bhp and a range of around 300km. The engine-driven mild-hybrid petrol model is also discounted 3 cylinder 1.2 101 hp turbo with chain distribution and combined with a six-speed manual gearbox.


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