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The female Saber wins the World Cup race


Golden Sunday for the Italian fencing, which climbed the podium three times in three scheduled international competitions. In Budapest, the great Alberta Santuccio triumphed in the Fie Women’s epee GP, winning her first international singles success. In the men’s test, another podium thanks to Gabriel Semeni who finished third.
At the Women’s Saber World Cup in Athens, the blue team made up of Michela Battiston, Rossella Gregorio, Martina Crichio and Eloisa Passaro dominated the competition and, after nearly three years of recent success, won the final against Japan (45-42).

Male and female sword
It is the capital of Alberta Santuccio that today was victorious in the Grand Prix of swordsmanship in Budapest. The Sicilian contestant won her first international victory thanks to a remarkable test conducted to catch the eye at the most sensitive and insistent moments.

He started his race from drag 64, smoothly adjusting Poland’s Magdalena Pawlowska 15-6, then on 32 through other Polish Martyna Swatowska-Wenglarczyk in an attack that started for Blue and finished in priority. 14-13 only. The same scenario also at 16, where the Fiam Oro athlete managed to put a 7-6 jab on the Korean song Sera, allowing her to advance to the quarter-finals, where she then defeated American Katherine 13-12. Holmes. In the semi-finals, another impressive attack: 10-8 behind Korean Ingong Choi, Santuccio recovered up to 11 times, and again, the most skilled touch priority. A day at this point was already history because Alberta Santuccio had never reached the level of a singles international final at senior level, but today Spadesta of Catania has done more by giving herself the highest step on the podium thanks to the final dominating 15-7 against Hungarian host Anna being.

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Great performance also by other Sicilian Rossella Viamingo, who finished fifth in her race and didn’t get on the podium with light strokes: in fact, in the quarter-finals, she held out against Estonian Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist Katerina Lehs, but it really is. The finish took advantage as it closed on 12-11.

The men’s race at the Budapest Fie GP also brought Italy to the podium thanks to Gabriele Cimini, who finished third. The fencer Besan first beat his colleague Giulio Gaitani 15-7, then the Dutchman Tristan Tulin 14-12 and Hungarian Zsumbur Banay 15-12. After finishing in the top eight of the race, he defeated Japan’s Kazuyasu Minobi 15-11, and in the semifinals, lost 13-9 to today’s winner Robin Limardo Gascon.

Among the Azzurri’s is top-flight fifth Andrea Santarelli, who went out in the quarter-finals with a score of 13-11 against the Venezuelan who dominated the day.

Saber female
Brilliant victories for Italy in the team competition in Athens, at the conclusion of the Women’s World Sword Cup stage. A great test of blue for coach Nicola Zanotti, his triumphant return in the final against Japan: 45-43 sanctioned the blue and tricolor atop the podium in Greece.

The quartet of Rossella Gregorio, Michela Battiston, Martina Crichio and Eloisa Passaro were the champions with excellent performances from the start. After defeating Great Britain in a draw of 16 with a score of 45-25, the Italian team fought in the quarter-finals and defeated Azerbaijan, exiting with a score of 45-42.
Entered within the “top four” of the race, the Blue Team, led at the bottom of the podium by Technical Commissioner Nicola Zanotti and Andrea Aquili, approached them with determination and desire to win the semi-final against the United States, placing between themselves and their opponents by a large margin which then allowed Italy to close 45-37 and taking a pass to the final, she reached her first this year in the World Cup.

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In the 2022 Acropolis Coupe title match Rossella Gregorio, Michela Battiston, Martina Crichio and Eluisa Passaro completed the work, fixing the initial gap and then bypassing Japan, until the 45-42 final that returned Italy to the female Saber. Leading the podium on the world championship circuit nearly three years after the last success that arrived in May 2019 in Tunisia.

“A beautiful victory that gives us great confidence in the future,” said coach Nicola Zanotti, who made his first appearance in Athens as captain of the Italian swordsman. “I am happy with the excellent performance of the girls who worked as a team from start to finish. They completely followed the directions with which we prepared this race and the result was satisfactory and proud to all of them and all the staff,” commented the Technical Commissioner.


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