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"The Famous Island 2022", the story of the eleventh episode

“The Famous Island 2022”, the story of the eleventh episode

Although the island’s tribes have been disbanded, divisions within the group remain strong and in some cases have even intensified. In particular, the recent nominations have created a strong rust between Edoardo and Blind on one side and Ilona and Nicholas on the other. Ilary immediately confronts Edoardo and Blind. Tavasi rejects the accusation that he is under Gwendalena’s control and retaliates by telling him that he has been impersonated by Jeremias who convinces him that the appearance in reality indicates that you have to fight. In addition, he accuses him of persuading Roger that he made him win in order to be captain and appoint Eduardo. The boy stays out of his mind to question Gwendolyn. In the end they stuck with their idea. Then it’s up to Ilona and Nicholas to confront each other. Staller, accused of doing nothing, begins in the fourth stanza by saying she is “outraged” and then gives Vaporides a “repentant!” And Nikola is really repentant: he apologizes for the words used and for the tones, even if he repeats that in his opinion Ilona could have done more.

TV referee

– After the comparisons, the TV broadcast is closed and it’s time to find out what the audience decided from home. Going to Playa Sgamada is Ilona Staller who once again has to leave Palapa. Before leaving, Ilona gives a kiss of Judas to Nicholas.

blind decision

The blind as a leader faces a difficult choice. He has to name two outcasts he wants to eliminate. Guendalina and Licia are called. And if Tavasi takes the matter almost philosophically, Nunez, accused of “isolating herself”, responds by giving the blind “cazzaro”. The two candidates will be able to save themselves by challenging two other outcasts to the “Vitruvian Man” test. Guendalina challenges Marco Cucolo while Licia challenges Nicholas. Whoever loses will go straight to the nomination.

Vitruvian man

The first two contenders are Gwendalina and Marco. The two fight back for a little over two minutes, after which Marco has to let go and fall into the water: Guenda is safe while Marco goes to the filter. The second heat sees Lycia and Nicholas as heroes. Both hold up for up to 2 minutes 45 seconds when the platforms are tilted 30 degrees, and Licia has to let go and end up in the water. She is the one who will go for the nomination while Nicholas is saved.

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The group is divided between Marco, who spends all his time sleeping, and Clemente, who constantly talks about Laura. And so Laurie has to navigate these two poles. Ilary asks Clemente how important it is for him to see Laura again instead of actually continuing without risking nominations. He answers “50 and 50”. In any case, he was invited to board a boat to an unknown destination …


– With the outcasts reunited in one group, there is a person who cannot restore relations with others: it is Guendalina, who sees the former members of Tiburon still today as enemies. Her combative attitude leads her to criticism even from her closest teammates, so much so that she goes so far as to say that there is a third team: “La Guindalinacha: only me but I’m afraid of everyone.” One reason for the debate is the coffee, which ex-Tiburon, who won, seldom share. At the direct request of Guendalina Ilary assures that coffee is now the common heritage of all. Gwendolyn is rewarded by talking to her boyfriend.

Rest in the family

– Carmen is in trouble because even after the groups met, her son Alessandro didn’t want to sleep next to her. She suspects that someone is abusing the boy but asserts that her wish is merely a wish to assert her independence.

Evidence of love for Clemente

– Russo will face a perilous test for him: if he succeeds, he will be able to continue the reality show with his beloved Laura, and if he loses, he will go to fast-track TV with the risk of returning to Italy immediately. Clemente arrives at the beach where Alvin and Laura are waiting for him. Clemente will have to stand for a minute and a half with his arms outstretched, holding a 2kg sandbag. Even if with some suffering at the end, Clemente passed the test and hugged Laura again, officially back in the game.

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Alessandro’s difficulties

– In the last episode, Alessandro broke down in tears because she missed her sister. Now the boy and Carmen have been called to the filter area to speak. To them, there was a surprise, a video message from Carmelina who also sent the boy a headband that read “Win for me.”

Another decision for the blind

– The boy missed his girlfriend Greta as well as her father, Marcello, who is for him a kind of father and brother. In the last episode he asked to speak to Marcelo. Elari told him that he had duties and honors as a captain: he told him to raise a canvas of 11 skewers of meat, one for each of his comrades. He will have to decide whether to feed his comrades or he can talk to his girlfriend Greta. The boy is so torn…but in the end he chose to be selfish and he chose the video. Now, however, he will have to return to Palapa with the skewers, explaining to his comrades that he has decided not to let them eat. Someone claps, someone seems to be a little more disappointed but in general the blind choice is understood.

Love Eduardo and Alessandro

– The two keep complaining about the lack of love and then the “island spirit” wants to try to give him one… Mercedes Henger will arrive on the island who said her ideal man has the sensitivity and sympathy of Alexander by Eduardo. But they will have to keep a secret.

Trial rewards

– It’s a sensory test that Carmen and Marco will undergo. They will have to recognize their mates by touching a part of their body. If Marco wins the men will eat, and if Carmen wins the women will win. It begins with Carmen’s legs, Guendalina is captured: Di Pietro recognizes her thanks to an anklet. We turn to Marco who will have to touch Laura’s stomach: he too goes without fail. We return to Carmen who will have to touch Alessandro’s face: even if she guesses with some suspicion. Marco has to touch his back and the blind are extracted: guess that too so the proof is equal and everyone can enjoy themselves with iced beer and pizza.

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Leader test

– While Ilona arrives at Marco and Lory on Playa Sgamada on Playa Palapa, it’s time to test the leader. The three most-voted outcasts will compete. It’s almost a popular referendum for Laura, and some votes go to Blind. We need a third contender, Laura who chooses Roger should do it. The three then compete in “Honduran Snake 2.0”: they have to crawl on their stomachs, hands tied behind their backs, and head the ball down a track that sees a corridor in a mud-bowl. Laura wins publishing. But the victory is in question because Laura did a few meters on her knees and didn’t crawl, which is against regulations. The replay is confirmed and then the win is awarded to Roger.

Marco’s passion

Kokolo was called to the nomination area where he talked about his relationship with Laurie. The two separated for a while and he misses his partner more and more. He then tells how difficult it was in the beginning of their relationship when he felt the weight of prejudice from people who thought he was just looking for fame.


– Roger, as captain, decided that Alessandro, Carmen and Lycia would have to make clear candidacies. Alessandro begins assigning Nick, as well as Carmen while Lycia assigns the blind. Lycia’s nomination and accusations against some of the group’s members sparked new discussions. However, we turn to the secret nominations. Nicholas begins voting for the blind. The name Gwendalina then goes back to Estefania. Clemente chooses Nicholas, and she appoints Guendalina Blind while Laura chooses Guendalina. Tavassi also received a Blind vote, while he named Edoardo Estefania and Nick. Marco closes and votes for Gwendalina. Thus Tavasi was added to Lesia and Marco, the two candidates already.