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The famous drama Sandokan returns with a new version with Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

The famous drama Sandokan returns with a new version with Can Yaman and Alessandro Preziosi

Once the bulls escape, the stable must be closed. Just a few hours after he was seen riding on social media Maybe, Yaman Topless version Sandokan On the shores of Calabria, here the production of the new version of the famous Rai drama of the 1970s was wise to publish the first photographs, and even some video evidence, of the actors in stage costumes. This is actually the first official footage from the set Sandokan, An international event series produced by Lux Vide (One of the Fremantle Group companies) in cooperation with Opinion fiction Which will apparently be broadcast between next fall and winter.

It is inevitable to remember that what may be the most followed television event in history on Rai channels was disturbed Sandokan It was broadcast in 1976 in six episodes, created, written and directed by Sergio Sollima Big in my hand In the role of Sandokan and the role of the faithful Yanez, the recently departed Philip Leroy. At the time, each episode attracted approximately 30 million viewers. In practice, one in two Italians knew Sandokan and had seen him on television.

A text prepared by Sollima with great attention to the details of the scene, as well as to the technical and stylistic level, subjecting the actors (Bede was unknown in Europe) to a psychological performance tour of rare power. So much so that pre-production, including casting, lasted very busy months, and in fact the entire project between filming and post-production stretched over four years and then ended up broadcast from January 6 to February 8, 1976 in prime time. Time on Rai1.

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If this Sandokan has made Italian television history, and not only that, we will see what this new version will do. From the summary insights it appears to be a copy of the 1976 Matrix: Borneo background (even if this time they put in a little Mycenaean Calabria); Colonial English. Sandokan, a pirate who fights invaders with his crew; The meeting with Marianna, the beautiful daughter of the British Consul; The beginning of a love story between a European noblewoman and an adventurer, descendant of ancient warrior kings; Third wheel, pirate hunter Lord James Brooke Who will stop at nothing to seize Sandokan and conquer Mariana. The 34-year-old Turk plays Sandokan Maybe, Yaman. Alessandro Preziosi It’s Wrinkled Yanez. Alana Bloor It’s Mariana. Guido and Maurizio De Angelis are no longer present on the soundtrack (an unforgettable tune for at least three generations). Screenplay: Alessandro Sermoneta, Scott Rosenbaum, and Davide Lantieri. Directed by Jean Maria Michelini H Nicola Abbatangelo.