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Una mamma incinta mangia cibo scadente e provoca una grave malattia al figlio

The expectant mother eats raw oysters, what happens to the baby makes everyone feel terrible; The facts »

Prato: The expectant mother eats raw oysters, and what happens to the baby leaves everyone in a panic; the facts

Pregnant mother eats bad food and makes her son sickThe story shocked everyone. pregnant mother with Sesto FiorentinoIn Tuscany, I ate shortly before giving birth raw oyster who have had a fatal neonatal response.

The little boy, a little over 10 days old, finds himself He was admitted to the intensive care unit In very dangerous conditionsPrato Hospital. Immediately after birth, the newborn had symptoms that doctors analyzed as one
very rare diseaseAnd the Sepsis with meningitis Specifically, it originated from a severe food infection. The case immediately raised checks beforeAsl In the Chinese restaurant where the mother ate raw fish before giving birth, the restaurant was ordered to close immediately due to serious hygiene deficiencies.

Doctors also described this type of disease as one of the 12 rarest diseases in the world. However, the director of the pediatric and neonatal facility intervened, Pier Luigi Vasariwho wanted to say: 12 cases have been described in the world. The infection is particularly dangerous because it is resistant to common antibiotics used in neonatology. The newborn was taken to the hospital a few hours after his birth and thanks to the rapid diagnosis made by our laboratory we were able to carry out the correct treatment, but his clinical picture is still serious; In the next few hours we have arranged new diagnostic tests“.

Finally, the doctor always wanted to make an appeal to all pregnant women to prevent such a tragic situation from happening again. “The opportunity is upon us – pointing to Vasari Renewing the call to pregnant women to avoid eating raw foods even in the last periods of pregnancy so that the infection, of food origin, even dangerous, as in the specific case, is not transmitted to the fetus.“.

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