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"The ex-manager has achieved things. Buffon? Every year he speaks nonsense"

“The ex-manager has achieved things. Buffon? Every year he speaks nonsense”

to Rai Radio2 microphones during the I Lunatici format, conducted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea de Siancio, Ellaria D’Amico He recalls an unpleasant episode in his career. “If I was at a very young age, I met someone who tried to make proposals of a certain kind to me? Once I found myself in a very awkward situation. I was already working, these were the early years. The manager called me in his room and I found him with some romantic music in the room, then we started He talks and starts massaging my neck, He said.

Ilaria D’Amico and director

“It was an unmistakable sign. He was the manager of a place where I work, but I got out of it, and closed the situation I got out. #metoo has been key to giving tools to all young girls and to intimidate those in certain places of power for the sake of common sense, civility and dignity, they should avoid certain behaviors and instead don’t. At that time I managed to get out of it diplomatically. Then the relations continued in a civil manner. But it is a very unpleasant sensation, which I do not forget. My mother always taught me to respect, I respect myself above all.”, he added.

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Buffon and Ilaria D’Amico, vacation in Treschietto with family

Gigi Buffon’s Promises

Ellaria D’Amico Then she came back to talk about him Gigi Buffon, with whom he has been a consistent husband since 2014. “I realize he tells me nonsense every year. He gets to a certain point and tells me he’s going to stop, he promises me we’ll have a great summer, that we’ll go on a trip to discover the lesser known Italy. Every time we arrive in May, he’s already made other decisions.” He crafted talent and motivation, he’s a real driver, for himself and his comrades. He’s generous, he gets his hands dirty in the locker room, he has a great human part”, he knew.

Ilaria D’Amico supports Lazio

Ellaria D’Amico also revealed That’s why he supports Lazio: “The more you work in sports, say you are a pure fan. But I became Lazio because it was more authentic and difficult. In the 80s, Roma were very strong and Lazio was suffering, and cheering for Lazio was more romantic.”

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