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The European Union and Poland tear up justice and law.  Von der Leyen: "Measures."  France: "An attack on Europe, they risk their de facto exit"

The European Union and Poland tear up justice and law. Von der Leyen: “Measures.” France: “An attack on Europe, they risk their de facto exit”

Warsaw moves a little further than Brussels. The Poland Gives another blow to the foundation of coexistence inEuropean Union after a sentence Constitutional Court which stipulated that some provisions of the treaties arenot suitablewith the constitution of the Polish state and that the institutions of society “work out of scope of their skills.” The opposite of this concept, in short, the national law can not be subject to the law of society. The ruling that can not only remove money Recovery destined for a central European country, but for some it can represent a step towards “PolysiteAfter the reactions of some EU leaders yesterday – the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli The Belgian Commissioner of Justice Didier Reynders France is the first member state to respond strongly to the position taken by the highest Polish judicial body. Undersecretary for European Affairs, Clement Bon He spoke of an ‘anti-EU attack’: ‘It is very dangerous – assured to microphones mouth tv – It risks de facto exit.” While the head of the commission, Ursula von der LeyenHe wanted to reaffirm the primacy of European law and promised to take action: “Our treaties are very clear. All judgments of the European Court of Justice are binding and EU law takes precedence over national law. We will use all the powers we have under the treaties to ensure that.”

In Italy he is the undersecretary of the prime minister. Enzo AmendolaCommenting on the Warsaw Court ruling on Twitter: “Very concerned about the ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court. Europe is the sharing of sovereignty. Over the years, free accession to treaties brought peace and prosperity to all nations and EU law took precedence over national law. Democratic Party Secretary, Enrico Letta, he wrote instead that “The news is that Poland today is attacking the legal structure of building in its foundations. Anti-European sovereignty is not a slogan and folklore as some think. It is going backwards. Wrong and dangerous. That must be fought.”

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The ruling of the Polish court is an integral part of the dispute Elimination reform Wanted by the ruling party law and justice (Pis, initials in Polish) for the leader Jaroslav Kaczynski – and in particular on the new system of discipline for judges – which according to the European Union undermine independence For the judicial system in Poland which is already the subject of a infringement action. “We are concerned” was the commission’s first reaction to the ruling. Our position is clear. European Union law takes precedence over national law. The EU’s justice commissioner, Reynders, said the EU’s Court of Justice is the only court that can establish “the compatibility between the EU and national law,” and it’s “binding”.

On the contrary, the Warsaw government welcomed the court’s decision Matthew Moraveki: asserts “the primacy of constitutional law over other sources of law,” stressed the speaker Peter Muller, explaining that the sentence refers to the competences of the Polish state that have not been transferred to EU bodies. But outside the courthouse, about thirty demonstrators protested the ruling, chanting “traitors” and “welcome to Belarus”. 80% of Poles are in fact satisfied with Poland’s accession to the union, which since 2004 has provided billions of dollars in subsidies to the former Iron Curtain state. Now at stake are €58.7 billion in next-generation EU loans and subsidies destined for Warsaw, which, however, has not yet been given the green light by Brussels.

But the whole road is expected to be upwards: from Warsaw NS Budapest However, another cold shower arrives with a veto on the conclusions of the European Union Justice Council regarding the Commission’s strategy on children’s rights which provided, among other things, measures to put an end to distortion genitals, Confrontation Online bullying of LGBTQ youth and improved freedom of movement for rainbow families. This was announced by the Hungarian Minister of Justice, Judit shoemaker: We will continue to resist pressure from the LGBTQ lobby. Since some states have been so insistent that LGBT activists be allowed in our schools, my Polish classmate and I have had to use veto“.

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