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The end of March, the premise of a storm equinox. We tell you what it is and the risks for Italy »

Weather: end of March, premise of an equinox storm. We tell you what it is and the risks for Italy

Storm Equinox in late MarchA final one could happen by the end of March seasonal turning point with the arrival of Atlantic turbulence can make up end of drought Which has plagued most of our northern regions for a very long time, and is practically dry from rain (for example, in Piedmont it has not rained for exactly 3 months). Now, however, one hypothesis is becoming more and more popular Temperance storm That can be launched near the change of season. This was just confirmed by the recent update of the calculation centers for medium and long-term forecasts.

A necessary introduction must be made: the seasons never change out of thin air. Transition phases are often characterized by sudden changes from cold to hot (or vice versa) with alternating situations that can last for weeks (classic periods when you don’t know how to dress!). This turbulent process is well known to insiders and in weather jargon moderate storm (or gale)“: A name that is not really academic but is universally accepted and does not arouse suspicion. Precipitation, in these phases, can be heavy and abundant, ventilation rather active, and even storms can occur.
all because of Strong contrasts between different air masses In the Mediterranean basin you find the perfect battlefield: on the one hand, cold currents descending from northern Europe and on the other, the first warm thrusts of an anticyclone.

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From recent updates it is clear that after a brief hostile return, around the vernal equinox, Sunday 20 March, take effect a Unsteady downward flow from the North Atlantic. So here’s this one Inconvenience Good organization is likely to reach north provocation Bathing so strong, Especially in the western sectors, but also Tuscany Northern and coastal. Attention because given the contradictions that will be created, we do not exclude the possibility of introductions either Severe storms and snowfall over the Alps.
After that, the deterioration could also extend to the rest of the center and south, with the risk of precipitation, especially on the Tyrrhenian side, accompanied by strong gusty winds.

In short, The rain is about to return To quench the thirst of the earth after the long drought that has characterized the past few months, especially the North West and in Emilia Romagna: Or at least that’s what our latest data says, which obviously has to be confirmed, given the time distance.

Finally, we take a look at Temperatures It should be noted that they They will still be very low e Below average in the northern centerAt least until the end of the month. The climate is milder in the south and on the two main islands, thanks to the warm breathing of the khamasin.

Temperance storm hypothesis Temperance storm hypothesis