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The Elder Scrolls 6 will be supported post-launch and will not use Unreal Engine 5: Todd Howard talks about the game


Todd Howard talked a little about The Elder Scrolls 6, revealing some details, such as the fact that there is an intention to support it over time and what technologies it is built on.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 Far from it, because the teaser is years old and because it will take some time before it’s released. The hope is that there will be room for discovery in these years Something new about the gameBut as development continues.

In this particular regard, in an interview with MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard Talk briefly about the role-playing game.

Howard’s speech in The Elder Scrolls 6

Howard spoke about his desire to provide long-term support for TES 6: “Given what Skyrim or other games did, for Elder Scrolls 6… yeah, I’ll stop there,” Howard joked, before adding: “We know That people are going to be playing it for a long time so a game like this doesn’t just mean beyond the content, what it means for your character, what it means for other things that make us say, “Hey, could this be something.” Have you guys come back?” We see that with Skyrim and what people are doing in the game today. Even though it’s popular, what do people do when they come back into the game after leaving it for a few years?”

Howard also said that the technology used in Starfield was the “starting point” for The Elder Scrolls 6, “so obviously we’re going to try Another leap in quality In technology, looking at what will come in the future, how to do it, and striving for higher and higher.” But when asked to talk about this technology, Howard did not give up, and simply said: “For now, this is a secret!” .

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Howard was also asked if he was a type Procedural generation What was seen in Starfield will be carried over to games like Elder Scrolls 6. Howard’s response was ambiguous and said that procedural generation “has always been a tool in our toolbox.”

It was Howard Very vague in his answersIn unclear sentences, but it’s understandable considering we’re talking about a game that will still require years of work. Instead, he was more direct about the fact that it’s been a full six years since TES 6’s first and only teaser.


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