Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Elden Ring servers are offline this morning due to the arrival of the pre-launch patch for Shadow of the Erdtree


Less than a day left to go Ring of Elden: Shadow of Erdtree And just a few minutes ago FromSoftware told players about it this morning The game servers will be offline for several hours To give developers a way to deploy the entire body Patch 1.12which will precede the release of the expansion.

As per the details in the post below, the servers will start going offline From 09:00 Italian (Basically at the same time as we write), and business is expected to continue approximately 3 raw, which prevents unforeseen circumstances. Obviously, during maintenance, you will be able to continue playing, but without being able to access the title’s online functionality, such as marks left by players on the floor and any form of multiplayer.

Lots of new features with the update and not just for those playing Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring update 1.12 was revealed last week, and will bring with it many interesting new features for all players, even those who will not purchase the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Among these we find some Changes applied to inventory, where new items acquired recently will now be clearly highlighted. In this sense, a special section called “Recent Objects” will also be added.

Summons can be moved within New Game Plus, activated or deactivated within a specific New Menu option and will also be added 5 new hairstyles For your Senzaluce. These should be just some of the patch’s new features, with all details to be revealed soon via the official notes.



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