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“The economic crisis is eating us”


Economic crisis – Fonte_depositphotos –

On the verge of bankruptcy. There is no peace for an economy that already appears to be under severe pressure due to the situation.

It appears that the economic wheel has largely stopped. There is no need to deny it, the difficulties are really very great and it is time to try to clarify things. Because deep down we know very well that we have been in dire straits for too long.

The signals that the economy sends on an almost daily basis, through the rise in prices and the decline in purchasing power that citizens have had to face in recent months, are not underestimated. Briefly, A real maze of problems.

Even if everyone is very optimistic, it is unfortunately necessary to emphasize how to do it Starting the opposite trend is not at allOr as simple as you might think. The government is constantly working to try to improve this situation. A lot can be done, starting within the states.

We know all too well how repetitive politics can be Intertwined with economics, even if the blame is often placed on politicians. In this particular case, putting all the blame on the government is not entirely correct, and it would be better to investigate the situation in a different way, and approach it from different perspectives.

An economy on the brink of crisis

Unfortunately the state accounts don’t add up. The same situation that exists in every home of Italian families exists throughout Italy as a whole. When it reaches its historical lows, the crisis has reached a very advanced stage, and intervention is not always easy.

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In particular, the solutions they offer are not easy to find It turned very quickly. the Markets are always in the balance, and that is why we talk about a crisis that is difficult to get out of, even if fighting it is a real duty.

Economic crisis - Fonte_depositphotos -
Economic crisis – Fonte_depositphotos –

Not only Italy

Well, yes, Italy is going through a strong economic crisis, but it is certainly not the only country living in this climate of extreme tension. The economic crisis that struck our country is also present in France.

Here the government change occurred, which raises many fears. Apparently, it is believed that switching the steering wheel can be beneficial.


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