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The Eagles receive coach Farjali by bidding farewell to them

The Eagles receive coach Farjali by bidding farewell to them

At the end of a difficult season but with some satisfaction, the Eagles welcome coach Ferjali who will return to the United States tomorrow with his wife Kathy at the end of 6 months of cooperation with Este franchise that witnessed the great professionalism of the coach. He allowed the team to grow technically by bringing Este back to success with a good record of 50% of the matches won, a good change of course compared to the previous season.

Big appreciation for the Italian experience by coach Fergali: “Thank you to all the Aquili family, a group of amazing players whose perseverance and team spirit I appreciate. The way football lives here in Italy is definitely different from the professional and university way in the States, but I have seen a lot From the passion and commitment in the players who fought in every game. It wasn’t an easy season with a new playing system and so with a lot of things to learn we won half of our games and this was really a good result but I am sure that by continuing on this path the Eagles will achieve more successes In the future.We also thank the management in particular to President Ferrandino and to coach Matteo Mantovani as well as to all the technical and administrative staff of the team.My experience here, for the first time in Italy, gave us the opportunity to visit a beautiful country and see the relatives that my family left many years ago to emigrate To America.Ferrara is a very beautiful and hospitable city my wife and I had a great time.I am expecting a short break before returning to train at college in the US and in the meantime I will continue to He worked with the Eagles for the next season.” Specifically looking into the future championship, Este is already moving to strengthen the staff and aims to become outstanding champions in 2023. Already these days Este is organizing recruitment for the next season by also contacting experienced players to cover some positions in the roster and strengthen the team.

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Eyes have also focused on the European Under-19 Football Championship which will take place from today in Bologna at the Cavina Sports Center in Bologna where coach Lungi will compete with Spain, Great Britain and Finland to determine who will be the leaders who can do so. Ascend into the first group of the best European teams. Este franchise will have linebacker Andrea Berti, receiver and safety Jacopo Bendini and defender Samuel Brunetti defending the blues. The first qualifying match will be held on Wednesday evening at 20.30 against Spain, while Great Britain and Finland will face in the afternoon. The winners of both matches will compete in the final on Saturday night to determine who will be among the best European teams.

At the same time, the activity of the teams of the youth dukes continues, which this week will hold the last training sessions before the summer holidays; Many young people have started this sport in recent weeks thanks to the recruitment drive carried out in the area. The goal of Estense Club is to have at least two youth teams involved in the upcoming fall tournaments.