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The “dust load” returns to Italy, but this time it will be more full due to the winds of Scirocco “

Weather: The “dust load” is back in Italy, but this time it will be fuller due to the Scirocco winds

The sand from the desert is still comingfull load of sand (Dust load In English) Coming straight from the heart The Sahara Desert will soon hit a large part of Italydriven strong sirocco windsmaking heavens yellow and red And creating an atmosphere that can sometimes be really surreal.

Anomaly data is that this in the past few weeks strange weather phenomenon It has already affected our country several times, which confirms the existence of a truly peculiar climatic phase.

advice? If you are planning to wash the car you better postpone it again, this is not the time to do it!
To understand what is happening, we must focus our attention on the Mediterranean basin, where in the coming days we will find the contrast between the cyclone (the area of ​​​​low pressure) Active between Algeria and the Iberian Peninsula it’s a Anti-African Promontory. Because counterclockwise rotation For currents around the bottom line of depression, You will remember the vortex Scirocco winds directly from the Sahara desert. In particular on the Sicily Channel and the Strait of Messina storms can arrive 70-80 km / h.
This massive equipment in the atmosphere will favor the arrival of a load of sand in large quantities from desert dust which will focus in the comment At the highest altitudes of the atmosphere, ready to arrive, after a long journey, to Central and Southern Europe, and thus our country as well.

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Duration – From Friday March 25th and for much of the weekend we will own loaded sky to Desert sandsAnd the hazyAnd the milky or yellowish (But in some cases they can attend as well reddishEspecially near sunrise and sunset.

areas of danger – As can be seen from the map SKIRON (University of Athens) will be above everything SardiniaAnd the SicilyAnd the ApuliaAnd the LazioAnd the TuscanyAnd the Liguria And the Campania. Among these, because of It’s rainingIt’ll probably be around 2:00 main islands And in Calabria, sand will be deposited on the ground, “dirt” every surface, including cars, in red!Sand arrives from the Sahara in large quantities (brown) in many areasSand arrives from the Sahara in large quantities (brown) in many areas

Scirocco winds in boostScirocco winds in reinforcements