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The drama of poverty in Cagliari: "Families without food and unemployed refugees on the fringes of the canals"

The drama of poverty in Cagliari: “Families without food and unemployed refugees on the fringes of the canals”

Cagliari has many poverty tragedies, and in recent months desperate families have joined the “historic” families of those who haven’t had a roof in years and have to do so. Mothers and fathers who are without work and have children to feed, but who are also single who have been fired from work, forced to live in makeshift shelters, and no longer have an income. Roberto Carros, president of the volunteer association associated with Caritas “Amici della strada Sardegna” tells many SOS. “Every day and night we help 35 people who live on the streets of the port, in the Via Dante, through Mameli and through Regina Margherita in Cagliari. They are faces we have known for some time, but many families have joined them as well. In Cellargios and Monserato there are many parents with children To whom we bring food, blankets and clothes: they live in the country, fortunately they have a roof but do not have the money to live in. Monserato also has an unemployed woman with three children

Karos says. “He’s one of the many victims of lack of work after Covid, before he can manage it himself.” One of the most shocking cases comes from Quartucci: “A 52-year-old woman who used to work as a cleaner for a company was left, and today she lives in a tent near the banks of one of the canals that run at the entrance to the city, not far from the border with Quartucciu. “

Difficult and tragic stories “also linked to Covid. We help former waiters and store managers who were either fired or forced to close”, the number one volunteer association. “Almost all of them are from Sardinia, and we also help them with the invaluable support of street lawyers”.

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