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The devil’s comet is coming, it is the most beautiful of all: do not miss this appointment or you will regret it |  Preparing popcorn

The devil’s comet is coming, it is the most beautiful of all: do not miss this appointment or you will regret it | Preparing popcorn

This is the last day to see the famous Devil’s Comet, one of the most beautiful celestial objects ever. You should not miss this date because you may never see him again. Get your telescope and popcorn ready.

You don’t have to be an expert Astronomy Feel like you’re holding binoculars or a telescope and getting lost in the wonders of the night sky. This show takes our imagination to hidden places made up of stars and different celestial bodies. Moreover, thanks to the latest generation of smartphone applications, it is possible to point the phone’s camera at the sky and perfectly understand where the planets, constellations, etc. are located.

Thanks to in-depth studies devoted to this matter, it is possible to know this in advance when Certain events will be visible in the sky, and will now determine the precise date and time of the passage. Then there are situations where everything can be seen With the naked eyejust find a point far from the city lights, raise your eyes to the sky and wait, others who need suitable tools, not necessarily professional tools, such as Binoculars or telescope.

It is precisely thanks to these tools that you can admire wonderful things Devil’s cometAnd whose name could not be further from the meaning that many attribute to it. write this Daily calendar Because it might be the last time you see her.

Satan’s comet is coming

the Devil’s Comet or 12P/Pons-Brooks It is part of a group halley’s comets, That is, those celestial bodies with a periodic rhythm that have a strongly inclined orbit with respect to the ecliptic plane of the solar system. It was officially discovered in 1812, and in fact from existing writings, the Chinese discovered this comet as early as 1300.

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Satan’s comet is visible In the evening In the northwestern sky early in April, it reaches its peak Perigee on April 21 Thanks to its magnificence, it was not possible to see it with the naked eye except for those who moved to dark areas in the mountains or the countryside, away from the usual sources of light pollution in the city.

Until you see it

the Devil’s comet o 12P/Pons-Brooks has an orbital period of 71 years oldThat’s why, if you miss it now, you risk, depending on your birth date, never seeing it again, since it will return to this area in August 2095.

To see this orb, you will necessarily have to equip yourself with Binoculars or telescope Choose a place that is dark enough for you to be able to see it. There are also special applications that will help you achieve this goal. A little curiosity before revealing when you will be able to see it regarding its namewhich has nothing to do with the hypothetical nefarious events that his title might lead you to believe.

It is simply called Satan’s Comet Your shapewhich after being subjected to a violent explosion, lost its brightness in part of its surface, which led to the release of that typical vision of a horseshoe or trumpet. Hence this name, and among other things, many called it the “Millennium Comet Falcon”, in reference to the legendary ship. star Wars Led by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Finally, you will have time Until June 2, 2024 To see the comet, as it will make its closest approach to Earth, before moving away from the sun, all you have to do is make popcorn, grab your binoculars, look for the perfect night spot and enjoy the scenery. Passage 12P/Pons -Brooks.

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