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The deadline for Pedrini-Vinci negotiations is June 3 - sport

The deadline for Pedrini-Vinci negotiations is June 3 – sport

Decisive hours for Modena Volley’s future, but above all from yesterday there’s a deadline: Friday, June 3. That’s the “deadline” to put it the American way, to sell the company to the Italian director who was transferred to the United States Giuseppe Vinci, who perfected his takeover bid to Katia Pedrini in recent weeks. An offer that the president of Giallobl is considering, and at the same time looking for other options. Vinci, deus ex machina of Volley Metrics, a computer system for collecting and coding data from volleyball matches, owes his fortune to the software being purchased by Hudl, a massive corporation headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as acquiring the brand and knowledge as the Vinci Corporation appointed as one of the Its chief executives. A guy who knows volleyball, he was also a member of Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but apparently does not have managerial experience in a sports club yet.

In his offer (1.5 million euros), the Lombard manager will in fact take over from Pedrini at the helm: they will not change the name, the name of the company and the company, and therefore with this sum Vinci will insure everything, from those who are now employed by Modena Volley (Sartoretti in primis) To reach the players, without exception the agreement that links the city’s volleyball club with the management of PalaPanini. A complete purchase that would clearly put Vinci in a position to choose which changes to operate in management, offices and also technology. In this case, the current owner should try to remove at least one big contract from the budgets: Leal’s, the least salable and most likely Nimr Abdulaziz who has at least three offers on the board, from Piacenza, Milan and Shanghai. What does the new potential owner intend to do? Confirm this year’s players in full? Try any changes? Starting out with less looks by selling more stars? Meanwhile, as mentioned, the current president is considering other avenues and has about a week to understand whether they are viable or not, and eventually decided to reject Vinci’s proposal: new partners to support him or new international sponsors, the only common denominator there is only one, a rush to shutdown.

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