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“The day of the abortion I ran away”

guest a “very right” influencer Gwendalina Tavasi tell her first pregnancy When he was still a minor:On the day of the miscarriage, I was alone at the last moment I ran out of the operating roomThe agonizing decision to keep the baby turned out to be the “greatest gift” for her: “I took my high school exams with Jaya in my arms while I breastfed her.” He saved my life, recalls Gwendolyn, who also talks about the complicated relationship with her parents. “My mother was not present and my father did not agree with me to continue the pregnancy.”

The influencer and ex gieffina remembers her difficult childhood and the years when she was separated from her brother Edward Tavasi After their parents divorced: “Eduardo and I met once a week with psychologists or with social workers. I tried to remove this pain.” Today the two brothers are more united than ever, and Gwendalina is the supporter of her rival brother in the current version of Big Brother VIP. Gwendolyn is rooting for her brother’s relationship with her Mikul Encorface. He promised Silvia Tuvanen: “We will return to the Verissimo studio with my brother and my future sister-in-law.”

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