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The court is asking for it to be withdrawn

The court is asking for it to be withdrawn

Judges are demanding that Italy return to Italy the statue that was stolen by illegal art dealer Eli Borovsky in the 1970s by illegal excavations in Stabia and is now housed in a museum in Minneapolis.

The Office of the Attorney General of Torre Annunziata Asking the United States to return the statue, which was stolen illegally in the 1970s, to Italy Excavations of StaphiaAn ancient Roman colony buried with Herculaneum and Pompeii after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. This is an important statue, the Toriforos of StabiaStolen with illegal excavations by a well-known international art dealer in the 1970s Eli Borovsky And purchased in 1984 Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)A museum in Minnesota, USA, which is still on display, says who paid for it Two and a half million dollars.

Stopia’s Toriforos are very precious

This morning, Torre Annunziata’s lawyer asked a qualified U.S. official to help comply with Stabia’s Toriforos confiscation order issued on January 19: As has already been reiterated, the statue was illegally stolen from the area. The municipality of Castellammare di Staphia, in the province of Naples, was illegally exhibited abroad. Storphia’s Toriforus represents the most famous and successful copy of the original statue made by the Romans in bronze, dating back to the Greek era and of invaluable value.

Already in 2020, Mayor of Castellammare di Staphia, Guidano SimminoHad written a letter to the Minister of Culture Tario Francini To hear Toriforos back, today he praises the work of the Oblontine Judiciary. “Thanks to the extraordinary work of the Torre Annunciatta Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Toriforos of Stopia, now on display in the Minneapolis Museum, will soon be able to return to Italy. U.S. officials to execute, ”Castellammare wrote to the mayor today.

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