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The cheapest way to heat your home: it only costs 10 cents!

Heating bills will cost twice as much as last year, so many people are finding all kinds of alternatives to use over the coming winter months, some of which promise to heat their homes for just 10 cents a day.

Pellet stoves, new generation boilers, fireplaces, conventional stoves and fireplaces are all heating systems that can cost thousands of euros, which is why a super economical online method has become popular which promises to heat your room in an efficient manner.

10 cents is enough to heat the room –

How candles work

Although it sounds like the idea of ​​the last century, this method seems to receive a lot of clarity on the web, at least for its own functionality. A few years ago, this method was developed by journalist Dylan Winter who, perhaps inspired by his nickname, shared with the world a ‘do-it-yourself’ method for saving on heating bills, without having to use gas or even electricity.

The list of things needed to make this new method includes:

  • Candles
  • 2 terracotta flower pots, with a hole in the bottom
  • 1 metal tray

That’s it, no other tools are needed. The realization may seem equally simple in fact, it would be enough to put the metal tray in the area we wish to heat, put the candles on top covered with terracotta pots, put them upside down and put them in order of size.

The heating process occurs when lit candles heat the air inside the vases, which are lighter, rises upward, heats the clay material and then pushes the hot air out through the holes in the vases.

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heating candles
Candles for heating economically –

The journalist, the creator of the method, explained that four candles at a time will be enough to heat the room, given that the candles have an average autonomy of 4 hours, with only 8 candles per day, you can get a heated room with minimal cost. .

Many people have followed these directions and are sure that the method works, but there are many doubts about its effectiveness because the method will only work in the case of small rooms that are well insulated from the cold outside. As for larger rooms, on the other hand, you will need to buy more candles to burn to make sure they can actually warm the entire environment, however, that negates the economic aspect of the idea.

For all skeptics who do not believe in the work of this method of heating, it is good to remember that there are still many bonuses dedicated to installing new heating systems, such as pellet stoves or the latest generation of boilers that will certainly contain the cost. Bigger but also more visible results.