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The "blue tide" has invaded London.  England and Scotland tonight, the oldest competition in history

The “blue tide” has invaded London. England and Scotland tonight, the oldest competition in history

The tartan army To assault the most popular three black, in a derby that exceeds 90 minutes of the European match.

England e Scotland Tonight they will return to compete in the final stage 25 years after the last time (Also on that occasion it was played in London and the score was 2-0 in English). Face to face fit for The second day of group D. He faces one of .’s favorite decks Euro 2020That was suggested by coach Southgate and one outsider as potential surprises, but who started on the wrong foot lost to the Czech Republic. old enemies Nothing like this can be taken for granted.

assets. In fact, this is between Scotland and England Oldest international competition in the history of football. The local animosities were removed, in fact, the Scots and the English boast the longest ever, whose origins go back to the conflicts that permeated the birth of the United Kingdom itself. From Hadrian’s Wall that separated the land of Albion from the heights until the last referendum separatists, going through the Anglo-Scottish Wars of the Middle Ages, the relationship between the two main constituent nations of the United Kingdom was not a bed of roses, and though it has been studded in recent centuries by Civil coexistence and harmonyIn sports, and in football above all, he found one vent very important.

Deteriorated head of the head. England and Scotland are Older citizens in the world of football. The first international meeting recognized by UEFA and FIFA is actually the meeting held by the two British representatives November 30, 1872 in Bartik, suburb of Glasgow, the score finished 0-0. Others followed 111, with a surprisingly large balance given that the English have “only” won five more races (46-41). This is because the match has always been very warm on both sides, often making the gap between the two selections narrow, and it would naturally be hanging in favor of London given the difference in population between the two countries. over there Globalisation In football, the frequency of matches between the Scots and the English has decreased (11 passes in the first 20, 4 in the last) and an increase New competitions on the white side (with France and Germany in the first place) led to a slight and general decrease in tension during the head-to-head matches. Which, however, is ready to light up on every new occasion.

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Hymns. The official anthem for Scotland, as for England, will be British May God protect the Queen. However, the historical poem was abandoned after Edinburgh was chosen to focus on a more patriotic scotland flower. Written by Roy Williamson Day Corris In the mid-1960s, in the following decade it became the official anthem of Tartan Army. And what can you talk about, if not the battle against the English enemy? You don’t remember the song files Battle of Banukburne, where the army of King Robert I of Scotland brutally defeated the army of King Edward II of England and preserved the region’s independence but angered England in several places.

Invade. Therefore, the event scheduled for tonight at 9pm will be a new opportunity for a lively but sporty confrontation between the two choices. Clark vs. Southgate, Kane vs. Dykes, Robertson vs. Foden, with the British clearly at an advantage. Waiting to know the stadium referee, the challenge began after the literal invasion of London by an army of blue fans. that entered more than 20 thousand, Although Wembley will host less than half of them. Meanwhile, they began to be heard for hours, even loud and chaotic, on the streets of the capital. With the shipment who hope to push their candidates to go faster tonight against British power. And on a sporting level, he repeated this brilliant victory of Robert I of Scotland at Bancoburn.