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The bill is no longer scary.

Over the past few years, we have become more and more accustomed to the maximum daily use of household appliances, which are now essential in our lives for their most varied uses.

Appliances like dishwashers, for example, have become a necessity for those who have a busy life and don’t have the time to manually clean the dishes every night, possibly coming back from work. However, this has significant and significant implications for our economy and for the cost of energy bills.

Based on what was announcedInternational Energy Agency (IEA)In fact, worldwide air conditioner consumption is only about 20% of the total energy used by buildings worldwide, representing a significant portion of the consumption.

In this case, a touch of green “thumbs” might be useful for apartment buildings, with roofs and facades covered with vegetation that are able to slightly reduce consumption and bring down the harsh summer temperatures, since they somehow capture and protect most of the energy that the sun radiates during hot days, making The temperature may not exceed 30°C during peak hours. This allows for several improvements to be made: first of all, a decrease in the temperature recorded on Earth, such as Green roofs reduce solar radiation, thus avoiding temperatures of close to 50 degrees Celsius on the Earth itself. As for balconies, there may be a gap of up to 10 ° C between those who have plants and those who do not.

In addition, there is also a great ecological advantage in favor of the environment, since plants, as we all know, are able to carry out photosynthesis of chlorophyll, which allows lower levels of carbon dioxide, making everything more sustainable.

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Useful Tips

The advice we give you is Prefer plant species that do not have special and continuous water needs, such as hibiscus, pomelia, pomegranate, tamarind, yucca and succulents. In general, which fits well with these outdoor environments.

Moreover, the facades of our buildings can be carpeted and completely covered with American climbing vines.

conditioner 2 climbing plants

There are also government incentives for terraces and gardens, which in this case include one The personal income tax deduction equals 36% of the expenses incurred to purchase plants, with a maximum total cost of €5,000 per unit of ownership. For all the details, we refer you to the Revenue Agency’s website, which can be accessed at this address.