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The Bestiary, The Sparrow -

The Bestiary, The Sparrow –

The obsessed He is a mythical animal with a communist body and a communist head, but not necessarily from the communist himself.

There is no trace of Spigantropo in ancient Greek literature. It was actually considered an unlucky animal and the ancients argued that if it was spotted, it would call you after a minute to your accountant or ex-wife and, at worst, your ex-wife’s accountant.

Lo Spigantropo feeds on misfortune. It cannot exist in conditions of luxury. That is why it is found in ecosystems devastated by epidemics, wars, and mothers of husbands who invite themselves home for the weekend.

The irony is that the loser thinks he himself is the antidote to misfortune by flaunting it with the never-distributed pamphlets that have become so rare that masochistic collectors look for them with a tendency to personally enjoy bringing dirty clothes into the community. washbasins.

Lo Spigantropo is a powerful statistic. To him all species are equal, elephants have the right/duty to chirp and birds have the right/duty to release 50 kilograms of dung.

Like all animals, nerds have a natural instinct for self-healing. In case of illness, he feeds on anti-inflammatory herbs, but for other animal species, he suggests they look for paracetamol-containing plants and wait a bit for what happens, but he says with a smile.

Spigantropo has a kind of sting that, according to him, produces a useful substance. Behaviorists do not explain the Spigantrope’s obsession with stinging all species and the hatred of animals that refuse to do so, even preventing him from being able to eat. Then we wonder why the ancients did not even mention it in their works to pay them.

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Sparrow plays an inexplicably important role in nature’s hierarchy, especially given that recent studies tell us that Sparrow has only 2.5% of the animal world’s consensus. Not for anything else when a nerd takes his head out of his lair, he is humiliated worse than a mosquito hidden in his underwear.

Many scientists wonder what evolution the Spigantrope might have. The most dependent believe it can be turned into a sacred card to give her mother-in-law inviting herself to spend the weekend wishing her good luck.