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The balance and advance payment for the alternative tax due in 2024


Deadline for the 2024 balance and advance payment for flat rate and minimum taxpayers: there is time to pay the IRPEF replacement tax until July 31 thanks to the extension linked to the biennial composition approval with creditors

It’s getting closer The due date of the balance and first deposit From the IRPEF alternative tax. This year, for taxpayers under the system Fixed rate and minimum, There is an extra month of time compared to the generality of the VAT figures: the deadline was a topic extension Until July 31, 2024.

The tax, as usual, must be paid in the amount of 5 percent For the first five years of relevance and in accordance with specific legal requirements and 15 percent For the following years.

Must be respected The maximum income or compensation is €85,000.

The point is about grammar, terminology and arithmetic in light Payment via F24 form From the second balance and the first 2024 installment of the alternative tax due VAT holders Under the minimum system and by taxpayers under the flat rate system.

Minimum and Flat Rate Alternative Tax Deadline, Balance and Advance 2024: How to Calculate the Tax to Pay

VAT holders who apply the flat rate system must pay a15% alternative taxor from 5 percent For the first five years of activity, while those who apply the minimum system pay an alternative tax of 5 percent.

Generally, alternative tax payments follow the deadlines in the IRPEF calendar. But this year, for the repayment of the 2023 balance and the 2024 advance, the expected extension of the adoption of the safeguard agreement for the biennium must be taken into account.

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Article 37 of Legislative Decree No. 13 of February 12, 2024 No. 13 stipulates that directors of state administrations and taxpayers applying the flat rate system must postpone the legal deadline of June 30. Until July 31.

the situation The account remains the same:

  • Historical methodThe tax is calculated using the replacement tax paid in the previous year as a reference;
  • Forecasting methodDown payments are calculated based on income projections for the current year. If the taxpayer expects less income than in the previous tax period, advance payments are made in a lower amount.

Minimums and Flat Rates: Tax codes that will be included on Form F24

To pay the alternative tax, form F24 must be used. They must be entered Reference tax codes For the balance and advance 2024.

Minimum system
Premium Tax law
First progress 1793
Second down payment or single solution 1794
Balance from the previous year 1795

Taxpayers who apply Fixed rate system They should instead use those shown in the following summary table.

Fixed rate system
Premium Tax law
First progress 1790
Second down payment or single solution 1791
Balance from the previous year 1792

Alternative Minimum Tax: Deadline for 2023 balance and 2024 advance

I Minimum system Canceled by Budget Law 2016but it remains in effect Until the age of 35 From taxpayers.

Who applied Minimum order in the previous year He continues to do this and must pay The balance and advance payment for the 5 percent alternative tax inside Deadline July 31.

The following must be respected rules:

  • For amounts less than €51.65, no deposit is due;
  • For an amount ranging between 51.65 and 257.52 euros eachadvance payment Must be paid in one lump sum by November 30, 2024;
  • to An amount exceeding 257.52 euros Payment must be made in two installments:
    • First deposit by June 30, this year by July 31;
    • Second deposit by November 30, 2024.
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There is still the possibility of payment within 30 days with an increase of 0.40 percent, that is, by the end of August.

The status of taxpayers who have made the payment must also be considered Moving from one system to another.

This situation requires special attention. Specifically, there are two cases in question:

  • Taxpayers in the minimum system in 2023 who switch to the regular system in 2024: They must pay the advance payment for the 2024 replacement tax (tax code 1793) and must indicate the amount paid on the RN portion of the form. Income 2024 PF;
  • Taxpayers in the minimum rate system in 2023 who switch to the flat rate system in 2024: VAT holders who applied the minimum tax system in 2023, and switched to the flat rate system in 2024, must make an advance payment of the alternative minimum tax for 2022 – tax code 1793 – and must indicate the amount paid under the LM for the year 2022. 2024 income model.

Alternative tax to the flat rate system: Deadline for 2023 balance and 2024 advance

I Holders of a fixed VAT number in 2023 and 2024 It must be applied rules Calculating and paying the alternative tax of 15% Provided for IRPEF purposes.

These rules are the same as those reported for those who fall within the minimum system.

However, taxpayers who switched to the regular system in 2024 must pay the alternative tax using tax code 1790 indicating the amount paid in RN framework for income model 2024.

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Those who took the initiative Activity this year They do not have to pay the balance and the tax advance because the basis of the account is missing.


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