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The baby was trapped under the sun and was thus rescued by the Carabiners

The baby was trapped under the sun and was thus rescued by the Carabiners

Very hot afternoon 5.30pm. In Guizano Square in Bryanza, a car is parked in the sun, with a mother hugging her six-month-old daughter in her seat. However, the Volkswagen Tiguan will automatically shut down and the keys will be in the passenger compartment. In the hot car, the baby starts to cry and panic.

Everything happened in the Piazza Atilio Lombardy, and the woman, realizing that she could not reopen the car by herself, became agitated and asked for help. It was a stop Policeman Released from service that normally passed at that time.

In the square dedicated to the Carabinier Gold Medal for military heroism who died at the age of 20 while preventing a bank robbery, he once again engaged himself in the service of a Carabinier community, this time helping a little girl and her. Mom. Without delay, the soldier picked up an object from the ground and smashed the left rear window, thus opening the vehicle. Shortly afterwards, a patrol of the carabiners of Garat Prinza and the emergency services of 118 arrived with firefighters.

As a precaution, the newborn girl’s health was not a concern, and while she was in the hospital, fortunately, by an ambulance, the carabiner was transferred to some crevices that ended deep in her right arm. The soldier was drugged and discharged the same evening with ten days’ notice.

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