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The author said, "I'm afraid I haven't been vaccinated. I like the wipes. The green pass includes the fact that nothing necessary has been done."

The author said, “I’m afraid I haven’t been vaccinated. I like the wipes. The green pass includes the fact that nothing necessary has been done.”

The harsh words of an author given to ANSA in Green Boss, the interventions of the Ministry in the matter of security and the sanctions issued against those who did not comply. She has a 36-year career behind the teacher and works full-time in elementary school. She has a health problem that worries her asthma, so she has decided not to get vaccinated even if the discount is not a disease.

At the heart of his critique is the work of the ministry and the government. “The only thing that is completely clear – He announced – Green Boss’s duty at school only serves to cover up what it takes and what is not invested. Helps us to safely teach and educate students, teachers, non-teaching staff and our students“.

An important point that was contested by many parties, including the union level. His critiques are known to all authors: “IFor example, distance has become an advice and can be avoided. Then if a pen falls, it will jump. Classes may have been divided, and today there are 20-25 children in the classroom; My school has more than 110 students, about fifteen teachers, some going between different classes and campuses like a religious class teacher; Air purifiers are not installed

Adding to this is the shortage of teaching staff, which is now a long-standing Italian school and the extra covet staff will certainly not solve the problem and will only be associated with emergencies, staff “It is not enough to guarantee security. With small children, there are many emergencies every day“.

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When asked if she had thought about giving up, the teacher replied that if the green pass could not be managed with tampons, the woman would use the option or unpaid leave. “I want to continue to teach. – End – But they prevent us from doing important things, everything has become bureaucratic, and finally prepare the children for life. Unfortunately there are more and more problems