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The author publishes the results of the poll on social media: "4 out of 25 passed".  Sakambado: "This is a failure of the teaching process"

The author publishes the results of the poll on social media: “4 out of 25 passed”. Sakambado: “This is a failure of the teaching process”

A teacher posting the results of the ballot on the class he teaches on social media can cause a stir.

Only 4 out of 25 students passed, all between the subsequent suspended verdict and not joining the next class. The author has published in his profile, deleted the names for privacy reasons, the full results of the study on the “pride” of the result obtained.

The author’s opinion is here: “Many teachers complain. They complain that there are so-called “advertising miracles” in June. But I say, if there are miracles, who is to blame if there is no author who accepts all this? I hope that a class council will, in other years, be serious, tough (but capable of underlining the needs of every student) and above all let management not put its feet on its head. Enough, do we need a good school? Then everyone can start to unite! ”.

There is no shortage of such political reactions Camila is dead, Former head of the Democratic School, now provincial coordinator in Caserta: “Failure of school, teaching function, failure of human relationship. Yes, because the smoky tone of this post, releasing the scoreboard as a trophy, as well as promoting only 4 out of 25 boys in June, proves total failure. I have been teaching for 35 years and I have never given anything away, but if I had these results, I would definitely ask myself about the effectiveness of my action. I think this approach is very absurd, especially at the end of two devastating years … “

Contrary to the rules of the Cabinet Circular May 12, the head of the department, Stefano Versari, signed the decision of the Class Council, urging schools to consider the problem of the learning process in the assessment of students and pupils. The current epidemic has matured into an emergency environment.

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“The evaluation process for achieving learning objectives takes place taking into account the uniqueness of the functional activities carried out over long distances. Difficulties faced by students and students in relation to situations determined by the aforementioned emergency situation, With full school year notes “, Reads the circular.

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Apparently the class council, in its conclusion, would have taken into account the complexity of the situation, but, to achieve this conclusion, it would have had its reasons for it.