Sunday, July 21, 2024

The attack is (again) a catastrophe and Spallity complicates the plans


Ospina 5.5 – He did not reach Juan Jesus’ head. I surprised him, and touching him on the ground did not help him. For the rest, it seems to be unresponsive even on several exits.

Di Lorenzo 6 – It’s especially hard to blame him. He gets hit and stays on the field and in the second half he tries to break free from the public turmoil. It also touches the target after a very long overlap.

Rahmani 5.5.1 – Some mistakes too on his part, especially getting frenzy of getting the ball back right away and making too many mistakes.

Juan Jesus 4,5 Complicates Napoli’s plans with an embarrassing personal goal that gives La Spezia confidence and awareness. After the incident, he becomes a sinner and misses some interventions that could have cost him double.

Mario Rui 5.5.4 Update – Go back to the owner, tackle the yellow that will make him miss the Turin trip. We see some interesting ball in the middle, but also many wrong choices (from 86′ sv golam)

Lobotka 5.5.0 Update Not a flaw, but down in the score the team stretches and it’s also struggling for compactness. He drops to the distance, and does not have the appropriate condition to start from the beginning (from 79 minutes). diamond lv – He enters very late and works as a midfielder far from the goal, despite everything that is dangerous in Qatar and the crossbar)

Anguissa 5,5 Fight, recover, no fault even from that point of view, but when he gets up and takes charge, he definitely doesn’t have the quality of the last pass, dribbling or shooting. Without Fabian, he takes on tasks that are not his.

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Politano 4.5 – He has space, Spezia gives him methodically one-on-one, often comes back, puts a good ball in the middle but little else. Backward crosses became appropriate for Spezia. He continued to miss the opportunity, but inexplicably remained on the field for most of the match. The last goal remains the goal against Juventus. (from 86′ Deme sv)

Zelensky 6,5 – Probably the best of Naples that comes out the most without him. Until the change, offensive actions were opened only thanks to him, often the right lane was often found which also threatened the shot from the edge of the area (from 69′ Unas 6 – He deserved to get in much earlier, perhaps abroad as Spezia admitted one-on-one. The power of play, inevitably, but it’s the only one at the end that creates something and finds some filtering, like Di Lorenzo’s)

Lozano 4,5 – Devours the lottery in the maximum push-up stage, and hits a penalty kick in the middle. He fights and tries to snatch, but he is indecisive as Politano and in front of goal even the goal is missing from Florence. The race ends inexplicably.

Mertens 6 – In the first half of Naples, he was one of the few who became dangerous in the bleak public picture. He alone makes a shot from the outside, catches a ball on the field and goes to shoot again. Even without seeing the second half, at 45″ his change was already incomprehensible (from 46″ betagna 5 – It has practically no effect on the match, had it not been for a header after putting pressure on the opponent. He has a few playable balls, then without Zelensky Napoli he can hardly get there anymore)

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Spalletti 4 – Disaster. They made up for another home defeat, eliminating the best players so far in the crucial stage. First Mertens on break, then very inspiring Zelensky at the moment of greatest rush. Politano and Lozano remained on the field for almost the entire match, indecisive and in poor shape for some time, while Spezia closed the gates centrally and conceded one against one outside, never capitalized by the Mexican and the former Inter. The entry of Ounas, to deploy it centrally in the traffic, does not produce the desired effect and the Algerian is in fact establishing his own company through expansion. Elmas’ entry was also delayed, within ten minutes he composed a diagonal and headed over the crossbar. The heavyweight man in last month’s attack. The impression is that thanks to the many goals in this first round on inactive balls or outside shots, he underestimated the goal problem (which already existed and which actually led to Osimhen’s maximum purchase), and gave up too soon or out of all the few players he finds door yet.


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