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The application is submitted to the municipality.  Here’s who qualifies (and how to apply)

The application is submitted to the municipality. Here’s who qualifies (and how to apply)

The savings card is among the tools that the government puts through budget law to fight inflation. Therefore, in addition to the reduction of VAT to 5% for children’s products and for feminine hygiene, a €500 million fund has also been set up to create a “Carta Risparmio Spesa” for low-income people up to €15,000 run by municipalities and intended to purchase basic necessities. It is a type of “shopping voucher” that is used at points of sale participating in the initiative, with an additional discount offered on a basket of food products.

Savings card and how to apply for it

While waiting to know all the details of this assistance for the most vulnerable families, it can be said with certainty that the application will be sent to your municipality of residence. Thus, it is a mechanism very similar to that of the social card, that is, the card currently in force is managed by the INPS and is intended for those over 65 years old or under 3 years old with a fixed amount of 80 euros every two months for the purchase of groceries and the payment of electricity, water and gas. Rather, it will be necessary to understand whether the two measures can coexist or whether, as is very likely, the INPS purchase card will be replaced by this new tool.

How it works

In fact, it will be up to the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the criteria and methods for determining the beneficiaries of the benefit within 60 days, taking into account the age of retirement benefits, forms of support and other transfers already received from the state, the economic status of the nucleus of the family, income, earned income, as well as any additional items intended To exclude people who are not in actual need. Moreover, the benefit amounts, methods and limits for the use of the fund and the use of the benefit will then be determined, provided that they are disbursed on the basis of procedures that are subject to the jurisdiction of the residence municipalities. Finally, the methods and conditions for the approval of companies, the established companies will be immediately committed to the cost containment plans for foodstuffs the basic.

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food income

A completely different chapter is the chapter on food income. Article 78 bis was added to the maneuver, which sets, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Labor, a fund with an endowment of 1.5 million euros for the year 2023 and 2 million euros starting in 2024, intended to finance, in major cities, the food income experiment. It is a measure to combat waste and poverty. The feature aims to provide people in conditions of extreme poverty with food parcels made from an unsold distribution of food, to be reserved using an app and collected at a distribution center; In case of fragility, parcels can be received at home. However, the implementation of this rule remains to be written: it will be up to the Ministry of Via Flavia to issue a decree within 60 days on defining the audience of beneficiaries, the forms of involvement of third-sector subjects and all the modalities of operation for this. new tool.

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