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The Appeal of 2,500 Scientists and Ministers: “The Intergovernmental Group on Pollution by Harmful Substances”.  But Cingulani is not joining

The Appeal of 2,500 Scientists and Ministers: “The Intergovernmental Group on Pollution by Harmful Substances”. But Cingulani is not joining

L ‘International Panel on Chemical Pollution Launch a proposal to create painting To create specific tools to mitigate Pollution with harmful substances. The initiative – which will be presented at the United Nations Environment Assembly that opens on February 28 in Nairobi, Kenya – is gaining more support 2500 between Scientists World-class e environment ministersIncluding the Nobel Prize in Physics, Giorgio Baresi. The invitation was also sent to the Minister of Environment Roberto Cingolani Which, however, although the file has been on his table for several weeks, has yet to join. Answered through the press office “In these cases, no one has been voiced one national standbut there is only one site at the European level.”

The Minister took care of the Italian coordinators to collect signatures, Marta Veneer From Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (USA), Sarah Valcichi And the Stefano Bolicillo From the Water Research Institute of Cnr (National Research Council). They explained how the resolution calls for the creation of an intergovernmental group to deal with environmental policies to support interventions against pollution. It is a group that intends to work globally to control and mitigate emissions to hazardous substances. Scientists say they are concerned about threats to human health and the ecosystem harmful chemicals And the pollutants, as well as from waste. Exposure to this type of substance causes more than Million to premature deaths Worldwide, the incidence is almost equal to the effects associated with passive smoking. A scenario exacerbated by the fact that global production of potentially hazardous chemicals (and thus waste as well) keep increasing, where there is no global oversight. In fact, Minister Cingolani was not only asked to sign, but also requested a sponsorship intervention on behalf of the Italian government.

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Until now international conventions Organization of the theme held in Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata. But “Words are not enough, because those conventions leave Discover many critical situations Nor do they have mechanisms to deal preventively with emerging threats and to work effectively with the other two independent intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations, namely the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which deals with climate change, and Ippes, which deals with biodiversity loss,” the appeal read, Signed by 250 Italian researchers and scientists, requesting a note asking the Italian government Explain your position about this issue. “Exposure to pollutants, now well-studied but still poorly managed, causes more than one million premature deaths worldwide each year,” said one of the first Italian signatories to the appeal, Prof. Silvio Garatini From the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan.

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