Saturday, July 20, 2024

The angry broadcaster vented on Instagram


Trapped inside the bus transporting passengers from the gate to boarding. An impatient Mara Venier recounted her very long journey from Milan to…

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Trapped inside the bus transporting passengers from the gate to boarding. An impatient one Mara Venere He recounted his very long journey from Milan to Puglia. Too long because it has accumulated significant delays. In a video clip, which he later deleted, the announcer was seen inside the bus announcing the order for the employees on board to disembark because the plane was suffering from a technical problem “and we do not know when it will leave.” “Thank you, Etta!” Aunt Mara says sarcastically. “Now we’ve been stuck on the bus for a long time, no one knows why…delay. We were supposed to leave at 2.25pm ​​and we are still standing here with no one telling us anything. All this is like this… What do we say?’ he says controversially.

In another video, still visible in the stories, we see an exhausted Fenner saying: “Waiting to board Brindisi, delay, delay, delay, delay.”

The latest story is less controversial: Aunt Mara has finally arrived in Puglia. all’s well That ends well.

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