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The African hurricane has been in the summer since Wednesday, but the effects will not be the same. Forecasts »

Weather: An African hurricane in the summer from Wednesday, but the effects will not be the same. Predictions

Weather forecast for the next few daysFrom Wednesday 23rd March Italy is really a siege Anticyclone will use African contributions As often happens in the summer, the effects of the hot season may not be the same.

After a winter, there is nothing left for many parts of Italy Spring has begun Under the sign of stability and of Temperature Is increasing.
On a typical European scale, we see a large area of ​​high pressure from our country to northern Europe, which already guarantees an environment. Weather forecast Stable and quiet in practically all our regions. The only exceptions are some corners of the south, where there is residual influence Cold Northeast Currents It is based on the development of some occasional and now isolated densities, resulting in fewer and fewer performance effects.

The current anticyclone will receive extra energy in the middle of the week, this time directly from the warmer lands of the north. AfricaMore guaranteed for stability, but above all with the effects of a progressive increase in temperature.
Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th at least The whole of Italy enjoys a sleepless atmosphere, which is characterized by the spread of clear skies from north to south. Clouds Currently the skies of the southern regions are once again furry, with real interim effects.

But be careful! It is true that we face a summer-like structure Weather forecast It will be stable and the weather will gradually become mild, but we must not forget that it is only in March. So do not expect 30 degrees in the shade! It should also be made clear that the strong anticyclone that traps us is not of African descent, as it is located in the center of the European chessboard to detect its driving force. In short, it only takes a scary breath from Africa, with only a small contribution.
Finally, as the week reminds us that we are in an environment far away from summer, too much pressure will begin to lose energy during the week’s sunset. Hurricane vortex Is ready to come back from the Iberian Peninsula Clouds And Rain About a part of our country.
This may not be enough to solve the drought problem, not even partially, but it will mark a gap with a situation that is becoming more and more stable.

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