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The 12-year-old fell ill while in the school gym []


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The 12-year-old fell ill while in the school gym

The girl was taken to hospital in Mayer’s recovery in Florence, where she was flown by Pegaso helicopter on Friday morning. The damage caused by cerebral hemorrhage is very serious

The 12-year-old Malaparte Preparatory School student did not make it, and on the morning of December 17 she fell ill while she and her eighth-graders were at the gym, waiting to start a physical education class. The girl fought for more than three days in the resuscitation of the Mayer Children’s Hospital in Florence, but in the end, the doctors had to give up and late this evening, Monday, December 20, the 12-year-old was declared dead. The tragedy aroused a lot of emotions throughout the city: immediately through social media, many expressed the hope that the little girl would be able to make it happen. Unfortunately, cerebral hemorrhage, possibly from an aneurysm, has caused severe lesions in the brain.

The girl, of Chinese descent, had been feeling ill before the physical education hour began. Immediately rescued by the teacher, then the doctor and the 118 volunteers, she was taken with a Pegaso helicopter to Meyer, where the doctors tried the impossible to save her, leaving him to immediately understand that the situation was desperate.

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20.12.2021 at 21:25

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