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Tensions in government, Draghi returns early from NATO summit: not only the M5s, the League raises its voice and rally the right again against ius scholae

Tensions in government, Draghi returns early from NATO summit: not only the M5s, the League raises its voice and rally the right again against ius scholae

left the top of Boy to me MadridWhere the Minister of Defense represents Italy Lorenzo Guerini. Chairman of Board of Directors Mario DraghiOn the other hand, he returned to Italy early. return to Rome What government sources motivate with cabinet meeting Thursday: On the table there are, among other things, some questions Invoices. But the CDM is nothing new in the last hour, just as it was already expected that the top of theAtlantic Alliance It will continue tomorrow as well. So it is clear that Draghi’s decision to return to the capital has been somewhat hastened in the past few hours. Of course there is the front Open within 5 stars, but not only: Even the Lega and partly Forza Italia seem to be turning into a prime minister’s concern. Not to mention the brothers of Italy who on ius scholae I pressed the center right. But let’s go in order.

Front M5s – Draghi’s day was an earthquake of the verses Domenico de Masi to me Happening every day: According to the sociologist, Premier A . asked Baby Grillo – who told him in a meeting two days ago – remove it Giuseppe Conte From the top of the M5s. The former prime minister said it was stunned But he confirmedCurrently, the 5-star support is in the government. Asked in Madrid about it, a direct question Draghi did not deny Indeed, he explained that he looked for Conte in the morning and then heard him: “We started to clarify, we will hear from you tomorrow to see you as soon as possible.” But in the evening, someone arrived Shigei Palace Fabric to reject the Prime Minister’s requests for Grillo to remove Conte from the top of the 5-star. So the tension between the PM and the M5s is still very high. Movement sources explained that in the afternoon Conte climbed to Quirinale to meet with Sergio Mattarella It lasted more than an hour. Quirinale neither confirmed nor denied and on the other hand the subject of the interview is unknown but it is evidence that the meeting arrived today.

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lega front – However, perhaps Draghi’s early comeback isn’t just related to the five-star front. The stability of the government is also disturbing Citizenship Law – He. She ius scholae – And on the bill cannabisTwo issues entrusted to parliamentary debate have become an opportunity for a new debate collision in the majorityto climb the barricades there league, Particularly sensitive to the internal dynamics of the majority. Part of Carroccio, in fact, suffers from not being able to do so opposition Thus they continue to lose consensus in favor of the Brothers of Italy. The latest case exploded due to Draghi’s pressure to get Conte out, however, and at some point could lead to the movement’s exit from the government. So far, Conte has always denied that he wants to remove support from the executive, but if the five stars eventually go to the opponent, the league will practically find itself installed in the majority: That’s why today Matteo Salvini Representatives gathered and Handed over to the parent company Riccardo Molinari Warning message to the Prime Minister: “The The government should take care of diesel prices going up or it’s hard to survive“. In parallel with league The Senate decided to limit the territory by supporting an amendment by the Fdi (which was rejected in the Chamber) which in effect asks for its exclusion from the directive. Bolkestein Swimmers. A text that contradicts the provisions of the competition law. On the other hand, the battle at Montestorio promises to be tougher and with uncertain results. The occasion is landing in the correctional room that guarantees citizenship after a Five-year course. He attacks the League’s secretary: “Incredible, shameful and disrespectful to Italians. In a moment of such dramatic crisis, the Left puts the majority and government in a bind by insisting on citizenship for the people.” Migrants and cannabis Rather than dealing with work, taxes and salaries.” A particular challenge to the Democratic Party, which is pushing to speed up and try to bring the law home before the term expires.

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Fdi and Forza Italia: the truth comes together – However, the university is not alone in raising its voice. Citizenship Bill and cannabis It has a center-right regrouping effect. Indeed, to echo Salvini Georgia Meloni announces the request of his party to remove the provisions of Montestorio which he specifies from the examination of “ideology and out of this world, was carried forward by Pd-Cinquestelle left now light years away from the real world and from the concrete problems of the citizens. The will of the Draghi majority to involve Parliament on these issues – attacking the foreign direct investment leader – is an insult to Italians who are experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis.” Even Forza Italia has a difficult tone. Even Silvio Berlusconi’s party, in fact, opposes the two bills and asks the head of the group In the House of Representatives Paolo Barelli That “there is no coercion of the classroom”. But the Berlusconian front would not be completely coherent, on the contrary, during a group meeting, many nuances could have emerged. The battle will now be at home as they start from next week Vote on texts. Mediation is difficult to obtain given the distance between the parties and the barricades set up by the League. In this climate, the CDM will deal tomorrow Billing: DragonObviously, he preferred to attend.