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Tennis, Brittany show at Laver Cup: Auger-Aliassime surrenders after three hours

Tennis, Brittany show at Laver Cup: Auger-Aliassime surrenders after three hours

Europe took a 2-0 lead over the rest of the world thanks to Blue, who beat the Canadian in a tie-breaker in what was the longest match in the tournament’s history.

The brilliant Matteo Berrettini gives Europe the second point in the Laver Cup 2021. The Blue beat Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime 5-7 7-6 10-8 at the end of an impressive match that lasted two hours and 52 minutes, the longest match. in the history of the tournament. Berrettini is the first Italian to win a Laver Cup match after the unfortunate debut of Fabio Fognini, who lost to Jack Sock 6-1 7-6 in 2019.

The first group

The show starts with a double foul from Auger-Aliassime who then has the advantage in the first match of the match. On the other hand, Berrettini starts with a winning serve in the middle and keeps his first round of serve well without smearing. The two circles at will with the front hand, but grapple with the opposite. Matteo Berrettini opened the fifth inning with a straight pass along the line and then, at par 15, hits the mark with a cross-plane hitting the Canadian. Felix trembles and fouls the forehand, and the first two break points reach Blue’s favour. In the first, the Canadian places a precious ace and in the second a nice winning serve in the middle. Auger-Aliassime is saved again with a serve and then in the next game the ball arrives 4-2 which Berrettini cancels with an exit serve. After a series of backstroke cuts, the candle reaches its breaking point again. But Berrettini pulls a short ball of rare beauty out of the hat. Another ace saves the blue who, however, having missed 3 out of 3 balls, surrenders to send the opponent forward 4-2. Felix 5-3 encouraged by John McEnroe goes to serve the group. With his first hit on the line, with a super deep forehand and a victorious smash, Auger-Aliassime gets his first missed point with a cross pass straight from midfield. The Canadian also misses the second set point and Berrettini, who found the break ball with a stunning straight-line pass, returns to the game with a 4-5 rebound break. Then, using a straight hook, he shot the number 5 even. McEnroe applauds when his player takes a backhand kick and then strikes a winning forehand to reach 40-15 and earn two tiebreakers. With an astonishing three points, Auger-Aliassime earns three consecutive bonus points. After Perrettini managed to stay in the set at 2-5, 4-5, he eliminated the three balls with three first runs and then also saved the fourth (sixth overall) with a second the Canadian didn’t control. . Blue also cancels out the seventh and then catches the tiebreak. In the tie break, Berrettini is likely to drop 3-0, but recovers but on a pitch change, the Canadian leads 4-2. Reversing blue triggers a tantrum and Auger-Aliassime gets three more points by climbing 6-3. The first (eighth in total) is enough for him to close the group.

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Return and victory

In the second set Mathieu is good at staying close to his opponent. In the second match he missed two balls to lead 2-0 and in the third it was the Romanian who provided two chances that would send the Canadian striker 2-1 and serve. The balance holds up to 5-4. Here Felix Auger-Aliassime makes the fifth double foul that allows Berrettini to get two points from the set. The Canadian goes to the net and closes the knockout, then catches all five. Here Brittney buries his backhand and Felix reaches for the ball that can lead him to serve the match. Service and straight out of the blue cancel the opportunity. Federer, in the stands, is enjoying the match and Lerettini shoots 6-5 with difficulty. Felix Auger-Alessi strengthens, misses the backhand and concedes a set point to the blue. Berrettini Loeb raises a bell that ends up on the field and the Canadian is poorly controlled. The set is equal and the match goes to the end of the first half. The first small break for the super tiebreaker is for the Kandeese who realizes the blue hand foul. Now Auger-Aliassime 5-4 can serve in the lead. But the Canadian commits the seventh double fault and the situation is back on a level playing field, 5 points on each side. But Mathieu missed an easy backhand kick in the open court for the Canadian, who in the meantime has to change his shoes. The parts have been reversed and now Felix has lost Demi’s easy direct shot to seven players. Mathieu takes advantage of the Canadian’s mistake and moves forward with a small break, climbing 8-7 with two serve to close. But Metteo is attacked by Auger-Aliassime who then signals to hand the match point over to Berrettini. With a super backhand, the only one in the match, Matteo Berrettini replayed a great match that ended 5-7, 7-6, 10-8. With Europe 2-0 ahead of the rest of the world, the 2021 Laver Cup continues until Italian night with the match between Diego Schwartzman and Andrey Rublev and then with the Zverev-Brettini duo against Isner-Shapovalov.

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