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Temperature in calo su tutto il Paese

Temperatures drop sharply, and in the next few days something remarkable can happen; Details »

Weather: temperatures drop sharply, and in the next few days something remarkable can happen; the details

Lower temperatures across the countryThe Temperatures I collapse Across the country and in the next few days something could happen Stupendous on the climate front.

We are now used to these sudden setbacks. It goes from hot to cold in the blink of an eye, as it did at the start of this weekend when we practically fell into the middle of autumn from a pure summer context. everybody Error from U.S cold vortex It is located on the northeastern lands of the old continent, which pushed a cold air front towards Italy, a real responsibility The breakdown of thermometers from north to south.

In the next few days, after the start of the week that is governed by the high pressure of the Azores and a type of climate that is cold at night and milder during the day, here you are Wednesday 21 new cold airwhich will always arise out of the old cyclonic whirlpool, will set off towards Italy with the aim of restoring, albeit in part, not only a new, unstable phase, but also another, general and above all phase Extraordinary cooling.

The regions on the eastern side of the peninsula will particularly deal with this new cold predicament as they are more exposed to cold currents from the lands adjacent to the Balkans. Therefore eyes focus on the northeastern regions but above all on the Adriatic side and part of the south. These will be the areas that Temperatures You will be able to submit to in addition to And the Amazing drop With values ​​well below average. In the rest of the country also, the mercury columns, which are already slightly below average, will lose some points, but the thermal drop will be less pronounced and will appear above all at lower values.

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In short, unlike in recent years we are used to experiencing some kind of summer in September, in the next few days we will have to deal with a climate that is decidedly tougher than our climate standards.