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Temperature giù nei prossimi giorni

temperatures and freshness on the road; Let’s see where it will be less hot in the next few days »

weather: temperatures, recovery on the road; Let’s see where it will be less hot in the next few days

The thermometers are dropping, let’s see where.

Temperatures will drop in the next few daysDon’t worry, summer never ends! Let’s just sayAfrican cyclone No longer in excellent health for the past few days causing relatively air masses to arrive Fresh Which has already contributed during the past 24 hours to the reduction of the mercury column mainly in the northern regions. In fact, this is the sector in which it is african bump He lost some of his energy.

It is therefore good news for lovers of cool even if it is appropriate to say to anyone who can not stand the sweltering heat.
In fact, in the next few days, we won’t see a real turning point in the season. In fact, though Temperatures You will no longer touch the threshold 40°C The weather will continue to be warm enough.

In the coming days, the African anticyclone will not be able to rise north again, and this will allow us to experience a less hot climate. But what areas will be the least hot? At the beginning of the week, a more favorable climate for our standards will certainly be recorded in the northern regions and a large part of the center, but between Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 Mercury plumes will also lose some sites in the rest of the country.

We would like to stress the fact that the summer season is in nothing but a crisis as the whole Mediterranean is still surrounded by high pressures, because it is already true that we are approaching the second week of August. . In fact, in the North, we find a renewed anticyclone of the Azores while the anticyclone of Southern Africa is always on the alert and ready to launch a new attack as soon as the opportunity arises.

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