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Temperature, spring boom Instant, but completely unexpected news has arrived!

Weather: Temperature, spring boom Instant, but totally unexpected news has arrived!

Temperatures are expected for the next few daysUpcoming Spring boom Temperatures are generally expected to rise across our country, thanks to the myriad expansion of the powerful anticyclonic nucleus, a trend that is now already widely experienced in this extraordinary winter.
But be careful, the latest update of the major computing centers, some time ago, was brought to one Completely unexpected newsEspecially considering the current situation and what is going to happen in the next few hours.

On a general scale, in fact, we see another anticyclone ready to surround the whole of Italy with its good weather and pleasant climate. The eyes are particularly focused on the days Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 When high pressure provides total atmospheric stability from north to south: when playing strength, daytime temperatures will certainly take advantage of it to climb to values ​​higher than the time average: so another paradoxical climate bracket awaits us, this time almost completely Spring, Ensures a winter that is more subdued in northern latitudes than in our country.

However, if something changes on the horizon, we can actually move towards a real turning point, especially with the next one. Weekend. The stubborn anticyclone will actually be forced to reconsider its plans and abruptly retreat west, actually opening the field to one person. Strong descent of very cold air The currents, which come directly from the icy Arctic lands and flow directly into the Mediterranean basin and Italy, are not the only ones to significantly worsen conditions. Weather forecastBut with a possible drop in temperature.
The Thermometers They can undergo general and strong declines, thus bringing the most difficult and, above all, the most favorable climatic conditions to the calendar.

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It is currently difficult to understand whether this will be a short and concise bracket or rather a move towards a longer winter style environment.
To better understand what awaits us in the immediate future, we must wait for confirmations (or any denials) from future updates.
Of course something is moving …