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Telepass, "Pay as per use": the advantages and novelties of the new service

Telepass, “Pay as per use”: the advantages and novelties of the new service

An important novelty that could please the wallet of many Italians who used to travel between the motorways of Bel Paese comes thanks to Telepass, which launched the new “Pay per use“. A turning point in the subscription of electronic tolls, which is now rich in functionality that will be useful to many motorists and not only.

Thanks to the new plan, which can be ordered on the Telepass website, it will in fact be possible to charge a monthly amount only if the service has already been used. You only pay for what you consumeIn short, without equivocal costs or unwanted payments should the device remain unused. After the news of interest to motorcyclistsThe company’s interest in its customers has not ceased.

Born of this experience that lived in lockdown mode between March and May 2020, the new functionality allows you to “suspend” a subscription, with the resume set for the first subsequent flight and only for the month used. The cost for the calendar month of use is 2.50€ with an activation fee of 10€ and 5 to make the device available. But what makes the new plan even more interesting are the many benefits associated with it.

Thanks to the brand new Telepass It will be possible to enjoy other services Including payment for parking and Area C fees in Milan and payment for the ferry to the Strait of Messina. In addition to these benefits, European roadside assistance and the reimbursement of 50% of the fee in case of delays due to accidents on the motorway section can also be activated upon request.

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Gabriele Benedetto, CEO of Telepass, stated: “More than 70% of highway payments are made through Telepass ‘doors’. Today with the new ‘Pay As You Go’ We handle 30% of those who still use debit cards or cash to pay the fees. Telepass is introducing this new solution at the time of the restart, confident that it can contribute to the economic recovery of the country and especially tourism.”

To access the integrated mobility services payment circuit, you can also download The selected Telepass app available for iOS and Android smartphones This makes using the service simple and instant.