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Tedua gets angry at memes and videos about live performances: “You haters are always trying to put me down. Suck it.” But isn’t it enough to just have a good laugh?


It would be really creative if the artist, just like Bosini did, appeared in a Frozen-inspired outfit in one of her stories to thank followers, haters and fans.

Let’s immediately make a hypothesis to clear up any misunderstanding. They are tired He is without a doubt one of the most interesting rappers, or rather artists, in the new music scene. He has proven it with his latest album “La divina commedia” and with his rich and massive live performances, almost hypnotic. And then of course, there is Tedua, handsome and charismatic on stage. So far so good.

From the two successful concerts held At the San Siro racetrack inside the i-Days Coca-Cola Milano, Something happened. At first, Tedwa brought home a big round of applause. 58 thousand spectators For the Milan double stage on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June. Many artists and friends arrived with him on stage: Kid Yugi, Laza, Brysh, Tony Eve, Faz T, Desmi, Annalisa, Sfera Ebasta, Angelina Mango, Tony Boy, Massimo Pericolo, Nima Azza, Capo Plaza and G-AXIn short, a huge relief.

We were saying that after the performances at i-Days, memes and videos related to Tedua’s wild performances slowly spread on social media from TikTok to Especially the duet with Angelina on the tunes of the song “Angelo Custode”.Many have noted that the artist’s completely natural dance moves alongside Angelina have amazed the world. Disney Fairy from FrozenOther users have opted out. Tidwa to WinxIn short, a cute and light way to show affection for the singer. But the singer wanted to clarify some things through an impromptu video captured on camera related to these circulating videos.

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Today we laugh and lighten up, after watching my videos with Frozen, guys – He began – But do you understand that the moves I make, taken out of context on TikTok by a hater, are annoying? But for the audience downstage, are they a source of energy? You really don’t want to understand.You haters are always trying to put me down. I enjoy, enjoy, enjoy knowing that you can’t understand why I’m successful. My fans and I know this and we keep rocking it. A little healthy ego boost is needed every now and then. until you absorb it“. In short, despite the hypothesis of his words, it seems The person concerned did not particularly appreciate the web’s sarcasm. About the alleged choreography.

Nothing new. Laura Pausini also participated, dressing up as the heroine of the series “Frozen” with Alessandro Cattelan by her side in an episode of the program “E poi c’è Cattelan”.. Tedua, in addition to being a comprehensive artist with a refined aesthetic sense, it is no coincidence that he chose the iconic image. David LaChapelle Developing the concept associated with the “Divine Comedy”, he is a nice and polite boy with a smile always on his lips and that is why the video he posted on social media often clashes with his image.

What We would humbly advise Tedua to take what he saw more lightly, It’s not just about the haters, it’s also about the language of social media that, when you take a character into consideration and admire them, makes videos related to cartoons or invented characters go viral. In short, a healthy laugh will always save us in this dark and sad world like the one we live in.

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note Which would be really special if Tedua, just like Bossini, showed up in a Frozen-inspired outfit.In one of his stories to thank his followers and fans.

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