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Team follow-up titles - awarded to OA Sport

Team follow-up titles – awarded to OA Sport

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Hello and welcome again Today’s live stream dedicated to speed skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing (China). It will be the team hunt day for the National Speed ​​Skating Oval. The Team Pursuit discipline will see male and female teams compete in the quest for medals.

Azzurri will be on course to compete with China for seventh and eighth places in this review. In the qualifying phase that rewarded the four best teams in total, David Giotto, Michele Malfati and Andrea Giovannini They failed to enter the ranks of the top four teams. Above all, he trusted so much in Ghiotto and in Malfatti, a great guide in the 10,000m that even the athlete from Altavilla Vicenza was awarded a bronze with historical connotations.

Perhaps the reserve in the tank increased slightly among standard holders and the performance did not live up to expectations. among men Norway, the United States, the Republic of China, and the Netherlands They will play their chances of getting medals. Among the women, it will be the teams that aspire to climb to the Olympic podium Republic of China, Japan, Netherlands and Canadawith the Japanese chasing to confirm PyeongChang 2018, while Erin Faust and Erin Scottin Among the Dutch ranks, they want to give these games more and more victory features.

Brought to you by OA Sport life life From this day dedicated to speed skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing (China): Real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 07:30 Italian. Enjoy!

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Photo: La Presse