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Taxis all over Italy stopped due to strike and protest under Palazzo Chigi – Economy

After the procession ended, a group of taxi drivers headed to Shigi Palace. Many of them started throwing plastic water bottles in the middle of the street. There were moments of tension between the taxi drivers and the police force that contained them.

“The government does not intend to remove Article 10 of the Competition Law, but is ready to continue the discussion for clarification and clarification.” This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Teresa Bellanova, IIntervention on Radio 1. “At the table yesterday with the taxi drivers unions – he explained – I called on the parties to postpone today’s strike to continue work and better define the text of Article 10 of the Competition Law.”

Draghi, Europe doesn’t ask you, Uber asks youSo it is written on the sign carried at the head of the taxi drivers’ motorcade in Rome. “This is to refute government justifications for including competition for non-regular public transport, taxis and the NCC in Ddl, or public services not included in the liberalizations Bolkestein envisioned,” The trade unions explained The white car strike began this morning all over Italy.

Eve – Confirm the taxi strike. Despite an attempt to mediate in extreme cases in the Ministry of Transport starting tomorrow morning throughout Italy, white cars will stop for 48 hours, in protest of the non-removal, requested by taxi drivers, from Article 10 of the competition. law Project. Almost all the abbreviations have joined the mobilization, against some who have decided to postpone. After the black smoke last June 27, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Teresa Bellanova, called on a government delegation, again to hold unions, but the new confrontation, as explained by representatives of the category, did not have a positive result “because Article 10 of the draft Competition law will not be deleted but will be amended in the non-substantive parts. We are increasingly convinced – and they assert – that the rewriting of rules to improve the sector must take place without delegated law incorporated into competition law, but through a measure of comparison between class, government and unions.” From the point of view of taxi drivers, there is a liberalization of the sector, and specifically, what is not lacking is “adaptation of the offer of services to the forms of navigation carried out through web applications that use technological platforms to connect passengers and drivers”, as stated in Article 10 of the law. But also, more generally, “to encourage competition, including when granting licenses, in order to stimulate higher quality standards.” Parallel to the strike, there will also be a demonstration in Rome, which will see the participation of taxi drivers from all over the country. The meeting and departure are scheduled for 10 o’clock from Piazza della Repubblica, with the destination Piazza Venezia, where the trade unionists’ interventions will be exchanged. In the meantime, the competition bill, in its second reading after changes made in the Senate, continues its proceedings in the Chamber, with the barbed node relating to taxis. Indeed, in the Committee on Productive Activities, almost 400 submitted amendments are examined in full swing. According to what was learned from parliamentary sources, the goal of the majority is to close the voting door at the end of next week, with the text reaching the parliament, which may take place in the third week of next July.

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