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Tax return, from today you can climb the canopy at the Lido: thanks to the new 730


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A breath of fresh air for workers: Summer is here and so is the money owed to workers

For those who are less familiar with tax returns, employees and retirees can use Model 730the tax tool that simplifies the process of collecting documents.

This form saves taxpayers the need to perform complex calculations, reduces the risk of errors, and provides a practical and accessible solution for tax administration.

One of the main advantages of the 730 is its speed. Tax refund refundwhich is added directly to taxpayers’ pay or pension. For all employees, payments began in July, while for retirees the process takes place between August and September.

Moreover, for those who have to pay, i.e.The form provides for an automatic deduction from your salary or pension.So it is a simple, fast and automatic method as well.

It dates back to remember

For 2024, Italian taxpayers must comply with the specified tax filing deadlines. The 730 model must be filed By September 30thvia the Revenue Agency portal, Tax Assistance Centres (Caf), qualified professionals or your employer.

For those using the Personal Income (PF) form, the deadline is set at October 15It can be sent electronically or through qualified intermediaries.

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The deadline has been forgotten, but there is still a chance.

Who submitted Form 730/2024 late? I lost my chance to get Irpef refund in JulyFor those who want to speed up the process, it is important to mark the date on the calendar. July 15This deadline is necessary to ensure that payment is actually made in the August salary.

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In fact, private sector workers They will see the added amount in the first half of September.While public employees will get it. By the end of AugustRetirees who meet this deadline will receive their refund through their payslip. SeptemberWith the compensations arriving in the summer months, the Italians concerned will have more money available to cover expenses, including and above all the costs of holidays, relaxation and leisure activities.


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