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Tax reform, say goodbye to partial taxes: Here's what won't be paid anymore

Tax reform, say goodbye to partial taxes: Here’s what won’t be paid anymore

With tax reform we are heading towards Partial tax abolition. With the Government Tax Reform Enabling Act, which the Clean Development Mechanism should approve by the August recess, Parliament intends to make a real redesign of the complex tax system.

Ridiculous partial taxes that involve expenses more than income for the tax authorities, such as fees for table football and pinball machines, the super stamp for high-powered cars and graduation fees, will be eliminated. Therefore, the motto of the interventions will be “simplification”. A package of 100 million euros will be canceled from withdrawals, burdening state coffers with a total amount of 1 billion euros.

According to data collected during hearings of parliamentary committees, these are taxes that complicate the tax system, and at the same time, instead of bringing real revenue to the state treasury, they end up translating into higher administrative costs in terms of assessment and collection.

Among the fees to be eliminated, introduced in the “Simplification” chapter, are not only the ping-pong tax and pinball machines, but also the super-strong car stamp, class tax, tuition and entertainment tax. , an increase in the municipal tax on waste, licensing fees on production fees, tax on emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and much more.

As explains, there are dozens of other taxes that need to be eliminated in the government’s long-term strategy. The list is very long.

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