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Tax inspection is triggered immediately

Bank Transfer: Maximum attention should be paid to this very common reason. Tax authorities start checks 3 minutes after the end of the process.

Bank Transfer –

How to fill out the bank transfer correctly? One of the most popular online operations is to complete a bank transfer by putting this very common reason. Three minutes later, the tax authorities check.

Bank transfer: what is it?

The Bank transfer It is a very popular and widespread payment tool. This is a banking operation in which the subject is “Party ordering“Transfers a sum of money into a subject called”beneficiary“.

causal bank transfer
Causal Bank Transfer –

In most cases, both parties are current account holders, but it is possible that the sender (natural and/or legal person) does not have any current account, which can provide the amount to be sent to the bank office. Bank transfer for all intents and purposes is the world’s most secure payment tool.

Through bank transfer, you make sure that you get the amount in a completely safe manner in a short time. With this process carried out, we are sure that the amount with bank transfer will reach its destination. with the Transaction reference code (CRO), Every beneficiary will have no doubts about whether the payment has been made or not.

Bank transfer: how does it work?

Bank transfers are categorized by type, priority, amount to be sent and where the amount to be sent is sent. The recipient’s bank checks the codes generated by the credit institution that issued the transfer and proceeds with the payment to the beneficiary’s current account.

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Bank transfer: IBAN and BIC / SWIFT code

The iban code It is a code consisting of a control character (CIN), two control numbers, two characters identifying the status of the beneficiary, the beneficiary’s bank details (ABI and CAB) and the twelve digits related to the beneficiary’s current account.

The swift codeconsisting of alphanumeric characters, allows you to specify the country, bank and branch to which the transfer will be sent.

Online bank transfer and at the bank counter

to make Online Bank Transfer It is necessary to have an electronic checking account to pay the amount. It is essential to have security devices (USB sticks) on hand, which generate a number by simply inserting it into a computer USB port.

The Bank transfer at the counter It is a process that can actually be done at the bank, but it is necessary to have a bank account. The operation performed on the counter has a higher cost.

Bank transfer: costs and credit times

The Times and bank transfer costs It varies based on a number of factors. The cost of an online bank transfer is lower than the cost of an in-country bank transfer.

Bank transfer: Pay attention to the reason

When making a bank transfer, it is advisable to pay maximum attention to the reason, motive or reason that motivates the issuer to conduct the operation. This applies to both individuals and legal entities, in order to prevent the flow of funds to the so-called tax havens.

Bank transfer
Causal Bank Transfer –

When does revenue agency control take effect? In cases where the reason for the referral appears the phrase “A gift“or”loanThe Tax Administration may request information and clarifications about the true reasons for the bank transfer.

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It is better to pay attention not to write a “weak” reason, especially if you have to pay large sums, which may attract the attention of the tax authorities.