Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tax, from the three personal income tax rates to the family quotient: This is where the reform begins


mid february. It is by targeting this horizon that the site of building the fiscal mandate is restarted in order to deliver an inclusive ‘fairer and fairer’ system to parliament. According to the achievements presented by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Maurizio Leo, the preparatory work will actually begin in the next few days, following what was accomplished in the previous Legislative Council. But with the aim of organizing a more precise definition of principles.

Confirm the “double model”

In essence, the intention is to “do more on horizontal equity by reducing tax imbalances.” The ‘double form’ already discussed will be confirmed and applied in part to personal income tax, distinguishing income from work, subject to progression, from that from investment in capital and real estate, where a proportional tax will be applied. The trend was traced during the Draghi government and we will continue to move forward in this sense.

about three rates

For prices, “easing” is on the horizon, Liu said. “With the possibility of reducing it to three, without prejudice to the need to determine the necessary coverage, without deviations in the budget.” Another cornerstone is the introduction of the family quotient, which Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni herself called for at the end of the year. It is a mechanism with highly variable characteristics and therefore all of them must be identified, but which politically characterize the essential inspiration of the main political force of the majority.

“The more you hire, the less you pay.”

Overall, reducing labor cost is a critical goal and “more needs to be done” in the PM’s opinion. Five points on the term, according to the plans of the executive authority and which will in no way move within the spaces of public finances granted from time to time. The second, as we mentioned, is the imposition of new taxes «that take into account the formation of the nucleus of the family. We consider the issue of parenting support a priority and taxes should take that into account.” For Meloni, the question also has significance “on the stability of well-being.” Finally, the third goal is to promote “taxes that give more incentive to those who participate and create wealth. The theme is Increase your employment and pay less.

4.58% of taxpayers pay 38% of income tax

Taxpayers with incomes over €55,000 make up 4.58% of the total but pay more than 38% of the total Irpef while those declaring up to €7,500 account for 25% (24.97%) and pay 0.12% of the total tax. From the data of a recent study by Social Security Trails and Cida indicating 2020 income, public spending is mainly supported by more than 5 million payers with incomes exceeding 35 thousand euros (12.99% of taxpayers) paying 59, 95% of individuals. tax. Overall, income generated in 2020 and reported in 2021 for personal income tax purposes was 865.074 billion, against income generated by personal income tax of 164.36 billion (147.38 for ordinary personal income tax; 11.99 for regional additional tax and 4.99 for additional tax. Fees additional municipality), down 4.75% from the previous year. More than 100 thousand euros, the observatory dedicated to tax revenues and financing of the social protection system identifies only 1.21% of taxpayers who pay, however, 19.91% in taxes.


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