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Tax, an agreement between the government and the center oath regarding the land registry

Tax, an agreement between the government and the center oath regarding the land registry

First steps out of the financial mandate impasse. Palazzo Chigi and the Government Center have reached an agreement to revise Articles 2 and 6 of the financial mandate. “In the Convention, any reference to the dual system is abolished, while maintaining the existing voucher systems and ensuring the harmonization of the tax system: therefore no increase in taxes can affect the savings of Italians or their domicile. As for the Land Registry, any reference to the Assets values ​​of real estate, allowing pensions to be updated in accordance with the legislation currently in force and without any innovation of a heritage nature,” explains a memorandum issued by the Association at the end of Matteo Salvini’s meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “The Italian Land Registry will therefore be updated gradually, but without changes compared to current standards.”

The applause of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brotherhood in Italy, was immediate. In fact, the opposing right played alongside Caruccio and Forza Italia. Silvio Berlusconi’s comment was: “We requested more information and set out to work to identify a satisfactory technical solution that we shared with the allies of the center-right government and then presented to the government that accepted it.” “Today we can finally say that there will be no new taxes on Italian homes and savings.”

It remains to wait for the response of the other forces to the majority. In recent days, the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement have objected to the three-way dialogue on tax authorities that began after recent weeks’ collapse over a joint text. (All rights reserved)

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