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"Talk to America" ​​Conference

“Talk to America” ​​Conference

“The president is keen to speak directly with Americans.” So the White House announced the press conference today Joe Biden Indicates the end of the first year of office, Attempts to minimize the popularity rate and with many failures he reached this milestone by “restoring” his presidency..

“We recognize that we need to change the dynamics,” the Biden administration’s sources explain in recent days, quoted and underlined by Nbcnews. The president himself told his staff that he wanted to adopt a new communication strategy. The White House no longer discloses details of negotiations in Congress that have been so difficult and failed in recent months, and its agenda has been verified by opposition from members of its own party.

The The fear is that in these 12 months the figure of a piton has been given This is because he has been in the Senate for three decades Well versed in the dynamics of Congress. “I do not want to convey the message of his role in the legislature,” he told the White House.

So Biden, He is accused of making some meetings with journalists in recent months, Called today – 4pm in Washington, 10pm in Italy – a press conference, the ninth since the start of his decree.

In his desire to speak directly to the Americans, The president will expose himself to the most difficult questions about the epidemic that is still raging in the United States, Opinion polls suggest that inflation, which has peaked over the past 40 years, and consequently rising prices are a major concern for Americans.

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But the president will definitely be there Questions about the Electoral Rights Act being blocked in the Senate, As happened in Built-back Better, from the opposition of the centrist Democrats. And on the international front, apparently Ukraine’s new crisis with Russia.