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Tales and stories from space in Citta Studi with Paolo Nespoli, inscribed in the honor roll of the city of Biella -

Tales and stories from space in Citta Studi with Paolo Nespoli, inscribed in the honor roll of the city of Biella –

In the Città Studi Hall, Mayor Corradino, in the presence of local authorities and a large audience of admirers, gave astronaut Paolo Nespoli a parchment with the title ‘Personality’ registered in the city’s honor roll in Biella.

During the evening, Stropaolo Nespoli resumed his training career, from scientific high school to a career in paratroopers in the armed forces with the rank of major (reserve officer of the Italian army). Then studies in Aeronautical Engineering at New York Polytechnic, with the specific intent of meeting two of the three requirements to participate in the selection to become an astronaut: a degree in a scientific discipline and knowledge of the English language. The third condition, the psychosomatic state has already been acquired!

Astronaut Nespoli (who at the end of the meeting wanted to call himself “Eng. Nespoli”) enriched the meeting by describing life in space, the feel of living on the International Space Station (ISS), and the rhythms of daily work like a divided engineer/astronaut. Between scientific experiments, maintenance interventions, and interviews/video meetings with school groups or political figures. Observing sixteen sunrises and a number of sunsets chasing each other within 24 hours, alternating oceans and continents were observed from a moving position at 26,000 km/h at an altitude of 400 km, where the “real limit” is not geopolitical but this thin blue strip called the mantle The atmosphere that unites us all, separates and protects our planet from interstellar space.

Anecdotes and curiosity did not fail to mitigate the amount of scientific concepts that must be contained in the subject. Before the conclusion of the conference, there was an opportunity to illustrate the symbol of the Third Heaven, designed by Maestro Pistoletto, which adorned the astronaut’s space suit that still enriches his uniform.

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At the end of the meeting, Astropaolo allowed himself autographs, interviews and photos with those present, showing a high degree of satisfaction with the evening spent.